Thursday, December 22, 2011

Re: Standing on the Side of Love Tells Chicago Cardinal George: We Are Not the KKK

This one’s way over the top:Tell Chicago Cardinal George: We Are Not the KKK « Standing On The Side Of Love
For starters, consider there are more Gays and Lesbians in Chicago’s Catholic Churches every Sunday, then total attendance at Chicago’s UU Churches.  Even with the Chicago area’s UU Churches tossed in.  Probably more gays in big multiples then ever come to UU Churches. 
We may be on the side of love, but over and over again I saw Gays use my Church (the old one in Oak Park) to have their Unions blessed, and then go back to their own Parish for spirituality they couldn’t seem to find from us.
Second, after Springfield’s Democrats kicked Catholic Charities over adoption, Cardinal George has good reason to feel a bit persecuted.
Rick Garcia, who claimed to represent Gays in Illinois had no problem participating with Farrakhan's people on Illinois Human Rights commission. He just ignored all their blather and Farrakhan’s about washing Jerusalem's streets in blood because a Jewish Mayor allows a Gay Pride parade (how KKK is that?), yet activists screamed about Catholic Charities over adoption guidelines.
Please, give us a break here SOL from the party line orthodoxy and think an issue through for a change.

Update: Chicago Southsider Pat Hickey's take. Cardinal George and Catholic Charities - The Hands That Helped HIV Victims


pathickey said...

Solid analysis Bill.

Bill Baar said...

Thanks Pat

Robin Edgar said...

"Please, give us a break here SOL from the party line orthodoxy and think an issue through for a change."

May I presume that you mean the "party line orthodoxy" of what The Oregonian newspaper called "The Church Of The Far Left" when it reported on the 2007 UUA GA in Portland? ;-)

Happy Winter Solstice Bill and keep up the good "prophetic work"! :-)

Robin Edgar aka The Emerson Avenger

Robin Edgar said...

Thanks for the heads up about this Bill. Here is the comment that I just submitted in response to that Standing On The Side Of Love campaign blog post. It is currently "Awaiting moderation". . .

There is no need to tell Cardinal George "We Are Not the KKK" because he didn't actually say "the gay liberation" actually is the KKK.

What part of “You don’t (i.e. DO NOT) want the gay liberation movement to morph into something like the Ku Klux Klan, demonstrating in the streets against Catholicism,”

did the Standing On The Side Of Love campaign fail to understand? Cardinal George is clearly cautioning against a possible future eventuality rather than something that currently exists.

Is Cardinal George completely in the wrong to observe that the anti-Catholic rhetoric of the Ku Klux Klan is comparable to "the rhetoric of *some* (i.e. not ALL) of the gay liberation people"? Are there not *some* militant "gay liberation people" attacking the Roman Catholic Church?

Cardinal George's "disgraceful analogy" does not in fact reduce "all of us — you and me, gay and straight, the very faces of the “gay liberation movement” — into nothing more than a hate group" as you falsely and misleadingly, if not outright disingenuously. . . allege here, he clearly spoke about how only *some* of the presumably more militant members in the "gay liberation movement" are engaging in anti-Catholic rhetoric that may be comparable to the rhetoric of the KKK.

I suggest that the Standing On The Side Of Love campaign should enter into a free and *responsible* search for the Truth and meaning of Cardinal George's quoted words (or indeed lack thereof) before demanding that Unitarian Universalists should tell Cardinal George "We Are Not the KKK". It may well be that *some* militant GBLT rights people are in fact guilty of engaging in anti-Catholic bigotry. God knows *some* Unitarian Universalists, including *some* "less than perfect" UU clergy, are clearly and unequivocally guilty of engaging in various forms of anti-Catholic intolerance and bigotry. . . *Maybe* Unitarian Universalists should be standing on the side of love for Roman Catholics who are victims of anti-Catholic intolerance and bigotry, especially if and when *some* Unitarian Universalists engage in such unUU behavior themselves.

Robin Edgar said...

I hereby take note of the fact that, so far. . . the UUA's Standing On The Side Of Love campaign has censored and suppressed the comment that I submitted to them. . .