Friday, December 30, 2011

RealClearReligion - Why I Loved Christopher Hitchens

Father Barron on Hitchens.  Read him all, link at the bottom, but below explains why some believe inspite of the themselves (me too).

What you couldn't miss in Hitchens's writing and speaking was a passion for justice, a deep desire to defend those who were denied their rights. This comes through from his first book on Cyprus and Greece to his articles in defense of his friend Salman Rushdie to his recent essays and speeches on the Iraq war. Where does this passion come from? What makes sense of it?

If there is no God, which is to say, no unconditioned justice, no absolute criterion of good and evil, why precisely would someone burn with righteous indignation at violations of justice? If we are here simply by dumb chance, if all of us will one day die and simply fade away, if the earth will one day be incinerated and the universe spins away without purpose and in utter indifference to human cruelty and human nobility, why would anyone finally bother? Wouldn't in fact Dostoyevsky be right in saying that if there is no God everything is permitted?

My point is that the very passion for setting things right, which burned so brightly in Christopher Hitchens, is a powerful indicator that he was, whether he acknowledged it or not, connected to unconditioned justice. And that connection brought him very close indeed to what serious believers mean by God.

RealClearReligion - Why I Loved Christopher Hitchens

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