Monday, December 12, 2011

Should more affluent UU Churches support the less affluent?

Rev Dan Harper on Top ten best things about liberal religion in 2011, pt. 1 « Yet Another Unitarian Universalist

Number 10’s the Great Recession culling out smaller, and hence less affluent UU Churches. Their dooming failure  not make decisions conducive to growth. (Why growth isn’t similarly the solution for the greater economy, a question that ought be asked too; but let's not go there.) 

The good per Dan is these dallying Churches now forced with either making the decisions to grow, or disband. 

Instead though, note Catholic Churches, in Chicago at least, routinely collect money for less affluent Churches, usually in the City, and often in African American neighborhoods with few Catholics.

So, should UU’s kick points over to less prosperous congregations, or hold back and let the cull go on?

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