Sunday, December 04, 2011

Syrian Shot in Street by Snipers - Assad Forces terrorize Binish City, Idlib - 8-Aug-11

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Warning - Contain Graphics that some may find shocking - Not For Children This video is not intended for Shock -- Video is Documentary Evidence of Government Crimes against Humanity in Syria.

Syria Slaughter of Sunnis continues as Security Forces of Dictator Bashar Assad shoot people in cold blood in the streets of Binish, Idlib.

Here Ahmad Alareed lies dead in the streets while his friends try to pull his martyred body from the street with the use of a pole, as Assad's snipers are shooting anything that moves on the streets. This murder took place at the same time that the dictator Assad was busy meeting with first the Turkish Foreign Minister and then with Envoys from Brazil and India, at which meetings he told them that he is going to keep on killing his Sunni population and that there is nothing they will probably try to do to stop him. This is a World Disgrace that these massacres can continue for 5 months straight with no action from the International Community. أوغاريت بنش إدلب محاولة سحب جثمان الشهيد أحمد العريض رغم إطلاق النار من قوات الأمن رحماك يالله

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