Friday, December 30, 2011

Tensions Rise Over Drone Secrecy and the silence of UU Peace Makers

I’m not a subscriber so can only read the first three paragraphs here: Tensions Rise Over Drone Secrecy -

Tensions are quietly increasing between the White House and some congressional leaders over access to sensitive information about the government's use of drones in Pakistan and Yemen, officials said.

The White House has brushed aside requests for information from lawmakers, who argue that the strikes, carried out secretly by the Central Intelligence Agency and the military's Joint Special Operations Command, have broad implications for U.S. policy but don't receive adequate oversight.

Some current and former administration, military and congressional officials point to what they see as significant oversight gaps, in part because few lawmakers have full access to information about ...

Seems like a worthy issue for UU PeaceMakers which hasn’t had a post since Feb 11th. Considering we seem on the brink of war with Iran (if we’re not in one already; I could argue we’ve been at war for years), the Peace Making silence odd.

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