Monday, January 16, 2012

1% Elizabeth Warren can’t have it both ways -


Lizzy has suggested she believes it takes a village to get rich. Her experience indicates it actually takes a part-time job at Harvard. In 2009, her salary was $350,000 and she earned $429,000 for 2010 and 2011.

She also raked in $136,000 in royalties from her books, $10,000 for lecturing at a Boston law firm, $90,000 for consulting for a Florida law firm and $43,000 for working for Traveler’s Insurance.


There is nothing wrong with being financially well-off. The problem is that Lizzy wants everyone in the 1 percent to feel guilty about their success while she lands another six-figure part-time gig.

Some nice six figure gov gigs too.

1% Elizabeth Warren can’t have it both ways -


Charlie Talbert said...

I had no idea Elizabeth Warren wants every wealthy person to feel guilty - thanks for the heads up! Somehow I thought she was just trying to establish regulations for Wall Street, to prevent another economic meltdown. How devious of her to hide her true intentions! Thanks for shining a light on this - it's very revealing.

Bill Baar said...

What ever she wants anyone to feel, she's turning a nice buck at it with those six figure gov contracts. The lust for power worries me a good deal than the lust for wealth. I sense a bit of a lust for power with Liz. We've got plenty of experience with that in Chicago.