Friday, January 20, 2012

Corporate Personhood and Media Corporations

My favorite Ron Paul response from last night's debate,
REPRESENTATIVE RON PAUL (R-TX): I think too often all of us are on the receiving ends of attacks from the media, and it's very disturbing, because sometimes they're not based on facts and we suffer the consequences. You know, sometimes it reminds me of this idea of getting corporations out of running campaigns -- (chuckles) -- but what about the corporations that run the media? (Cheers, applause.) I mean, they're always (in politics ?).
As your Social Justice Committees climb on the bandwagon to amend constitutions on Corporatations and Personhood, consider what-we-should-pay-taxes GE, Obama's Economics Czar: GE's Immelt, and the GE owned MSNBC you watch.


JMP said...

I've never thought that corporations should be considered persons. I'm curious; what is your position on this, Bill?

Bill Baar said...

Corporations just a way of limiting liability for a group of people profit or non-profit. Also another way of taxing people.

The key position for me is collectives of people should be able to collectively contribute. Congress has no business forbidding Unions, Corporations, Associations, whomever from contributing to candidates.

Read William O. Douglas dissent in the US v UAW which stripped the right from Unions.

Peter A. Taylor said...

I think of a corporation as being like a team of people in a potato sack race. This talk of corporations as not being human is a way of dehumanizing the people who are joined together in them.

JMP said...

Peter--No, saying that a corporation (a thing, a made-up entity on paper) is a person is dehumanizing to the living, breathing people who are the real humans.