Saturday, January 21, 2012

It’s Marriage Stupid (not Income)

A twist on marriage inequality.  Murray in a column I haven’t fully absorbed yet, but he’s peeling away at the real problems dividing Americans.

Charles Murray on the New American Divide -


John A Arkansawyer said...

This is going to sound more harsh than I want it to, but I just don't have the time to craft it well, so accept my apologies in advance:

I appreciate the way you've been holding our feet to the fire about George and Barack's Excellent Adventure of Empire, and about the ongoing Arab Spring and its repercussions, both of which are vital issues to UUs and which I, at least, have failed to confront.

So why not stop posting so much tendentious crap like this and like your kitchen sink approach to trashing the Occupy movement?

Goodness knows, I don't expect you to go back to leftism (though the tone of some of your criticisms of the Occupiers makes me suspect you fear that might happen), any more than you could expect me to swing to the right, but I do wish you'd be a better, more coherent righty.

Bill Baar said...

The left demonizes people with opinions they don't agree with (rather than confront and engage issues: which I suspect they can't do). I stand up in Liberal places and say one can be a UU and a political liberal. If you want to demonize me go ahead, but you have to do it to my face. That's what I do, put a human face and voice to conservative ideas within UUism. I get thankyous for it from UU's not up to the task.

Why in the world do you read me by the way?

Bill Baar said... can be a UU and political conservative...

John A Arkansawyer said...

I knew it would sound too harsh.

I shouldn't have singled out this post. For that I must apologize.

I read you because you are one of the many voices with something to say. As I said before, I find value in you. You've been valuably consistent in reminding us on the left that Obama is carrying out war just as Bush did and that we are not being equally consistent.

I struggle with how not to push people away who are politically conservative. I'd like to find what you write more useful in that task.

JMP said...

As a single person, I have a problem with the idea that if people would just get married everything would be better. I certainly know some examples of where families would be better off if the parents would get a divorce. Also some families where they shouldn't have gotten married to begin with. I, personally, am quite happy being single. The article seems to imply that we need to go back to the Leave it to Beaver years. But I don't think they really existed. America has a lot of myths, and this is one of them.

Bill Baar said...

@John, it wasn't harsh and I didn't read it that way and sometimes harsh works anyways to get points accross (better harsh and clear, then soft and vague).

@JMP Believe me, if you're a happy single think hard about getting into a marriage. Our Churches though tend to be geared towards couples. How many UU Churches offer anything for single parent (usually single mom) households. Visit your local big box church and you'll often find programming targeted at them. It's a critical class divide in America and it puts a huge burden on women. I don't buy the "Leave to Beaver" narrative either, but this stat is vaild and different from the past. It's not a sign of a healthy culture. Important to us as UUs too because while we advocate for "marriage equality" we lack a theology on Marriage. Or at least lack saying much about it.

Bill Baar said...

PS @JMP I mean if you're a happy single, think hard about giving that up if you consider marriage especially involving kids. It's work (with or without kids). If your happy, consider the gains and losses if you marry.