Friday, January 06, 2012

Liberation, Marcuse, and Rugged Individualism

A quick thought, but one that's been on my mind since reading John Ruskin Clark, D.D. , What's Wrong with Marcuse's One Dimensional Man? is the Liberationists won in post 1968 Unitarian Universalism and that notions of obligation and duty became to us quaint conservative nostrums; part of a Father Frame we pasted on political conservatism.

Liberationist succeeded beyond expectations convincing Americans to free themselves, which they've done (some to self-destruction), and now UU's left with an stagnating Institution, failing to attract members, and renewed calls about duties to the collective.

The collective-duty boat's left (and sunk). No matter how loving or welcoming our Congregations may become, we'll still be confusing and unintelligible until we can explain and reconcile 1968 with today.

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