Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Murf's take on Morales

Patrick Murfins take on the Rev Morales's letter. Murf (and I've known him since my Dad took me down to the IWW hall about 1971 or so) quotes me
The reactions to Morales’s proposals have been predictable. A leading conservative UU blogger, Bill Baar writing as Pfaffer Streccius took Morales’s proposal as a full on assault on congressional life. I believe a dispassionate reading will show that it is not. But that view will undoubtedly gain traction and be amplified by others.
The first time I've ever been leading about much which shows what blogging in a very small pond can do. But is conservative important here? 'Cause yes I'm a politically conservative UU (visit our Facebook page), but is the Congregation versus Movement issue Rev Morales presented: an issue with politically Conservative and Liberal sides?

At first blush, I thought not. As I think about it though, with Sojourners the first model of a Movement that came to my mind, I wonder if Patrick isn't more right than wrong here.

The tradtional model of Congregations anchors UUs a bit. The Movement Model (which is pretty old itself, if one thinks of Evangelicals as the model of a Religous Movement; save for the original early Christians) lacks the authority of a convenanted body to keep the flock and minister steady. A Movement may well dive right into secular Progressivism simply because the people in charge of the Movement's center are firmly stuck in political Liberalism (with blinders)!

Political Liberalism not a characteristic of Movements in general, but it will be the outcome of this movement in particular. A Liberalism of a rather thin sort too as one Politically Liberal and polity concerned UU told me not so very long ago.

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