Saturday, January 07, 2012

Salvation Army donations down $285,000 in Chicago

Salvation Army donations down $285,000 in Chicago

Tough times but I can't think of a better outfit to donate too.


Robin Edgar said...

Here in Montreal there are a lot of better outfits to give to than, what some poor people call the Starvation Army. . . No doubt this "outfit" varies from city to city, but I can well understand how Montreal's Salvation Army gained this less than flattering reputation.

JMP said...

Donations are down in my city, too. Perhaps it is nation-wide. I would rather give to non-religious charities rather than the Salvation Army. People forget that the S.A. is actually a church denomination. It's true that they provide services to the poor and those in trouble, but I'm sure that other denominations like the Baptists, Methodists, etc. operate similar aid/service organizations, and I don't give to them, either, as I am not in agreement with their teachings. Often aid is given only along with religion--the local "rescue mission" feeds the homeless, but they have to sit through a sermon first. I don't care to support that. Plus, many in the LGBT community do not support S.A. because of the church's position on homosexuality. Perhaps that is having an influence on donations.