Friday, January 20, 2012

Schakowsky from Peoples' Church Pulpit: "Pay your fair share!"

[H/T] RebelPundit who writes,
What didn’t occur to me during my post event interview with Jan, which will soon be released was, why or how was Bank of America abusing her? Overdraft fees maybe? Surely she wouldn’t be writing bad checks, like her husband Bob Creamer who went to federal prison in the past for tax evasion and bank fraud, would she?

I heard Schakowsky fumble in response to the question what's a fair share on WLS talk radio with Don & Roma. She couldn't say.

The really important question though is who would she empower to decide what's fair for Americans to earn and keep, and earn and share? Which Government agency's going to make that call?

Update: More of the players at Peoples. Jackson shows real crust here considering how he's getting slammed on the southside, and getting investigated by the Senate on the offer to buy Obama's Senate Side.

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