Monday, January 02, 2012 : Board may nominate only one moderator candidate

If you’re lucky enough to have more than one person volunteer for a job like this, you ought to at least put them all on the ballot. People can endorse whomever, but a bigger selection the better.

Qualifying a decision it made in October 2011 to nominate at least two candidates for moderator, the Unitarian Universalist Association Board of Trustees voted in December to adopt a policy that could allow it to nominate only one person for the position.

Following lengthy debate during its monthly conference call on Dec. 15, the board narrowly agreed that if members of the board vote overwhelmingly for one person for moderator, then the board will nominate only that person. : board may nominate only one moderator candidate


Robin Edgar said...

Unitarian Universalist "democracy" at work. . .

This reminds me of the attempt to have Rev. Dr. Laurel Hallman be the one and only candidate in the last UUA presidential "election".

Bill Baar said...

Some people consider uncontested elections unifying.

Robin Edgar said...

No kidding Bill.

Some people consider the carefully manipulated "elections" of totalitarian states to be unifying. . .

I have seen to much of manipulated Unitarian Universalist "democracy" at all levels of the denomination.

Robin Edgar said...

I just read that UU World article Bill and it reeks of manipulation of the democratic process that UUs *pretend* to affirm and promote.

The article begins by saying that "the Board voted to nominate at least two candidates for moderator. i.e. The Board *could* nominate three of more candidates if it chose to do so. Yet the article then goes on to say -

Board members agreed that, to decide among the three recommended applicants at the January meeting, trustees will vote by secret ballot in executive session. Each trustee will rank applicants as their first, second, or third choice. At the conclusion of the voting, the top two candidates will be the nominees.

i.e. The Board already wants to limit the number of nominees for new UUA Moderator to a *maximum* of two nominees, and about half the Board seems to be leaning towards a single favored candidate already. Why is the UUA Board of Trustees not nominating all three of the "recommended applicants" as per the original nomination rules that they voted for just a few months ago?

Am I misinterpreting something?