Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We all have a sacred text « A Free Faith

Below  is simply false in my experience.  Most of us guided by habit.  Now read on further and you’ll see the author lands finally upon tradition, which is a lot like habit, and while a people can certainly have collective traditions and habits, there’s no requirement anyone examine them.  Many don’t and manage quite well on auto-pilot. 

We all have beliefs. Anyone who says they don’t have a sacred text, no collection of wisdom and ideals they hold dear is either lying or unaware. Saying you don’t just means you aren’t being upfront about what guides your life.

We all have a sacred text « A Free Faith

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I think we're speaking different languages here. When I say we all have beliefs, and you say most only have habits, I don't think we're really saying different things. Unexamined faith, in my words, and living by habit, as you say, is the same thing for me. People who live by habit don't lack belief, in my view, it's just that they're not conscious of how their beliefs are affecting what they do. And we all fall into that trap often, anyway. Thanks for reading.

Bill Baar said...

you're welcome...

...not being conscious of a belief though is a significant difference to me. It's very conservative too. It means people follow traditions, unconscious belief systems, and a conservatively minded person might say one best think hard before up ending some of these systems of unconscious beleif.