Monday, February 06, 2012

Chalice Chick's Obsession

She commented regarding mission statements,
I’m thinking of the top-down vision too, at least partially because I am obsessed with this memo, which I ran across a few days ago. You don’t have to read it all, it’s 28 pages.

I read every word and have skimmed through it a couple more times.

In it, Jeffrey Katzenberg gives a lengthy and fascinating discourse on what makes good movies and how Disney can make more of them. It’s clear he’s a really bright guy who wants Disney to be successful by making the best movies it can. This memo might be the least cynical thing about Hollywood I’ve ever read.

Does UUsim have a Jeffrey Katzenberg? If we do, I’m pretty sure it isn’t Peter Morales. Maybe we don’t. But if we did, I really wish that person would write us a memo.
A good obsession in my opinion. Corporations (and money) such nasty words among UUs now, we overlook the very valuable contribution corporations make: they understand failure, look it in the face daily; and plan to avoid it, or recover from it, or start over. Corporations don't rule us, the markets rule them, and they succeed or fail and profitablity (i.e. sustainability) the unforgiving metric.

Katzenberg writes a rich memo here and I make just two quick points on it: the man's grounded in his Industry's History, and he writes in plain English with no attempt to invent new words for new abstractions. He's writing about his institutions survival and conveys it plainly and concretly to avoid any ambiguity.

Yes, UU's need a Jeffrey Katzenberg and I sure don't see one out there either.

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