Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chicago's tradition of paid protest: Occupy Chicago in front of the Mayor's House

Rebel Pundit chats with some of the paid protesters at an Chicago Teachers Union/Occupy Rally,
Monday night Chicago Teachers Union and Occupy Chicago protesters, along with some local residents, showed up in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood to protest converting 18 public schools into charter schools. While none of the schools considered for conversion are in the north-side neighborhood, these community organizers chose this location specifically because it is where Mayor Rahm Emanuel resides.


Administrator said...

Not sure I can support the idea of protesting in front of someone's residence, if that's where this protest was.

Bill Baar said...

Yes, although the home was not visible in this video. It was on the TV coverage. It's illegal to protest in front of the Mayor's house. So they danced around that saying it was about a nearby school.

Chiago has a huge imbalance of empty and too filled schools caused by the migration our of African Americans (nearly a fifth of the AA population has left in the past few years) and the growth in hispanic areas. Very tough to bring that back into balance. These guys don't help.