Thursday, February 09, 2012

Cristian Century's Editorial on Sebelius's Reasonable Exception

From CC's Editorial,
We disagree with the Catholic bishops' stance on birth control—as do a great many American Catholics—and we think that the common good is enhanced by providing wide access to contraception. Nevertheless, we think the common good is also enhanced when religious believers—and religious institutions—are free to act in the public square without sacrificing their religious identity.
The truel cynical (and cruel) feature of Sebleius's regulation (and it's no law, it's an administrator's reg) is the narrow exception for a Church to opt out leaving it to their staff's to opt into an HHS approved plan which covers the morally objectionable services.

Not sure what the MainSTREAM thinks, but I don't think American Protestantism's MainLINE has a greater spokesperson than The Christian Century. This Editorial speaks clearly.

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