Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Guardian: Syria: '300 killed' as regime launches huge attack on besieged city of Homs

The Syrian city of Homs was left reeling on Saturday from harrowing accounts of a massacre that has left hundreds of people dead. Residents of the besieged city said that at least 300 people had been killed in a massive regime artillery barrage, the most deadly attack of the 11-month uprising.
The reports described horrific scenes in a city that has suffered most from recent violence, but not previously experienced a bombardment on this scale. Homs is divided almost in two, with Alawites, who are loyal to the regime, on one side and Sunni Muslims, who want to oust Assad, on the other.
The attack on Homs was launched on the 30th anniversary of the massacre in the nearby city of Hama, which was launched by the former president, Hafez al-Assad, and is believed to have killed around 20,000 people.
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I expect the videos of the slaughter to start flowing in on facebook

Update: There coming in and they are very very brutal images: + جرحى من الأطفل شكر للفيتو الروسي باباعمرو5 2 2012

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