Sunday, February 19, 2012

Is The Republican Platform Compatible with Unitarian Universalism? « A Unitarian Universalist Minister in the South

He writes: Is The Republican Platform Compatible with Unitarian Universalism? « A Unitarian Universalist Minister in the South
A Platform may be incompatible with UUism ---as it's understood at points in time 'cause that varies-- but members of Churches are people. The platforms aren't members, and after all platforms often at odds with themselves. They’re usually group efforts and it can show.

At my Church we associates   …ourselves together—not as agreeing in opinion, not as having attained universal truth in belief or perfection in character, but as seekers after truth and goodness.
A member can hold some pretty abhorrent beliefs (some have) but if willing to associate as a seeker, he or she welcome.  A person’s inherent worth and dignity trumps their foul ideologies if they can join us in the spirit of seeking truth and goodness.

I’ve seen it.  With UU’s who lead delegations of youth to East Germany, or that Azerbaijan Komsomol machine- building factory.  I’ve sat and listened in the basement of Chicago’s Third U, listening to the glories of Brezhnevs Soviet Union, and then mocked the elderly reds for not being red enough.  My own politics abhorrent in those years.

Yet we were united then, as now, as seekers.  Not as people who had found truth. Even though we thought we had .

UU’s tossed Rev Fritchmen from his Editorship not for his adherence to the Communist Party’s platform, but because of his censorship of those who didn’t adhere. The value of dignity and worth violated in Fritchman’s censorship, not by his abhorrent ideology.  Fritchman as a UU, and his platform, were two very different things.


JMP said...

While I have great criticism of many of the views of the Republican Party (including the issues discussed by Rev. Hammond), I dislike them being presented in such a fashion. Does being a UU mean you must shun one political party for another? What if a person prefers a third party? What if they prefer to stay out of politics completely? Must our church always be tied in with politics? Honestly, I sometimes think that UU's have replaced God with politics as an object of worship. A much better way of approaching controversial subjects is shown in Rev. Jude Geiger's blog post "This Side of Love".

Peter A. Taylor said...

The Libertarian Party platform has been saying this for decades.
"We, the members of the Libertarian Party, challenge the cult of the omnipotent state and defend the rights of the individual."