Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Karam Foundation emergency campaign to rebuild field hospital in Homs

The videos of the traumatic injuries, especially on the children, are horrifying. Assad's deliberatly shelling Sunni neigborhoods with the goal of killing civilians. A Syrian friend in Chicago forwarded below to me.
Karam Foundation has launched an emergency campaign to rebuild a field hospital in Homs, Syria, where over 200 people have been killed since Friday.

From Karam: "The wounded are dying and our medical community in Homs are in desperate need of our help. They are risking their lives to help others, but they need our support so they can perform miracles under life-threatening conditions."

You can support Homs' wounded by contributing whatever you can and spreading the word about Karam's appeal.

Donate here: - Donations are received in Homs with no overheads, and dedicated solely to this humanitarian crisis.

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