Monday, February 13, 2012

Mammogram Flap Portends ObamaCare's Rationing -

Least anyone forget what politicized healthcare is all about.  Once the benefit package set in place, whether or not you can get a procedure, will be in the hands of panels.  You won’t get coverage you want; and you could get stuck paying for coverage you consider immoral. They’ll be political decisions, made by panels; and they’ll be no other choices.  The Bishops will balk.  Women’s health lobbies will balk.  That’s political healthcare decision making.

Below, the WSJ when the Preventative Services Task Force nearly torpedoed ObamaCare. The Blues who I suspect will be the only intermediaries left standing, will do nicely as a sort of quasi-Governmental FannieMae of Health Insurance.
No sooner had the Health and Human Services Department's U.S. Preventative Services Task Force recommended against mammography for women under 50 than Secretary Kathleen Sebelius rushed to say don't worry. The decision had "caused a great deal of confusion and worry among women," she said, promising that no policies would change. New Jersey's Frank Pallone vowed to hold hearings, and Senator Dick Durbin leveled the gravest charge Democrats can make: The task force was "appointed by President Bush."
The political duck-and-cover was also on display in that vanguard of ObamaCare known as the New York Times, which ran at least four much-ado-about-nothing items even as it endorsed the reduced screening. On the same day as an editorial and op-ed, a front-page "news analysis" lectured that what the public really needs is "a transformational shift in thinking" about the "evidence-based" medical future that the mammogram decision portends. Yes, and no doubt the Times will tell us what "evidence" to follow
Mammogram Flap Portends ObamaCare's Rationing -

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