Monday, February 13, 2012

RealClearReligion - No Room for Catholics in Obama Country

Father Barron on the two types of Liberalism,

There is a modality of secular liberalism that is not aggressive toward religion, but rather recognizes that religion makes an indispensable contribution to civil society. This more tolerant liberalism allows, not only for freedom of worship, but also for real freedom of religion, which is to say, the expression of religious values in the public square and the free play of religious ideas in the public conversation. Most of our founding fathers advocated just this type of liberalism.

But there is another modality of secularism -- sadly on display in the current administration -- that is actively aggressive toward religion, precisely because it sees religion as its primary rival in the public arena. Appreciating certain moral convictions as disvalues-think here especially of Catholic teachings concerning sexuality -- it seeks to eliminate religion or at the very least to privatize and hence marginalize it. In doing so, it indeed reveals itself as totalitarian, for it allows no room in the public space for anything but itself.

RealClearReligion - No Room for Catholics in Obama Country

Unitarian Universalism’s pickle may be a whole bunch of us fall into that second bucket.  Barron was just at Elmhurst College speaking but I never got around to seeing him.  Martin Marty is next month: Lecture: H. Richard Niebuhr, A Centennial Appreciation


Robin Edgar said...

"Unitarian Universalism’s pickle may be a whole bunch of us fall into that second bucket."

No kidding. . .

I don't talk about Totalitarian Unitarians for nothing Bill.

"that is actively aggressive toward religion, precisely because it sees religion as its primary rival in the public arena."

Quite ironically, I think this goes a long way to explaining why Rev. Peter Morales trashed Judaiasm, Christianity, Islam and any number of other unspecified "old religions" as "obsolete religions created for another time" that "contribute to the darkness" of "hatred, injustice, prejudice, ignorance" and "lead to tribalism, violence, suspicion, hatred, and oppression" in his 'A Religion For Our Time' sermon which served as his "stump speech" announcing his candidacy for UUA President. After all how could anyone take his presidential campaign slogan -

"We *can* be *the* religion for our time."

halfways seriously if he did not first quite aggressively assert that Judaism, Christianity * Islam, to say nothing of Buddhism, Hinduism and other "obsolete religions" were not in the running to *the* religion for our time. How could "a tiny, declining, fringe religion" like Unitarian Universalism possibly hope to compete with these *major* world religions for the coveted title/position of "The Religion For Out Time" in the religious market place without disqualifying them from the get go? There is little question that UUA President Peter Morales and other "Humanist" UU leaders attempt to "eliminate" other religions, or at least "marginalize" them in various ways, so as to present Unitarian Universalism as a viable alternative. Quite a bit of what Rev. Morales preaches to gullible Unitarian Universalists truly is "beyond belief" to anyone who bothers to critically analyze his all too *questionable* words. . .

Steve Caldwell said...


I don't know if you've seen Andrew Sullivan's take on this issue:

"How Obama Set a Contraception Trap for the Right"

Sullivan is a British conservative who is also Roman Catholic -- it would be pretty hard to say that he is a liberal or is hostile to religion in his views. It's worth reading.

Most Catholics are OK with the compromise offered by the Obama Administration. The Catholic Health Association and Planned Parenthood are also OK with the compromise.

But the US Conference of Catholic Bishops seems to think that any contraception coverage mandate is morally wrong for all employers (not just those affiliated with the Catholic Church). The same is true with the GOP candidates.

I would politely suggest that Father Robert Barron also doesn't understand what religious freedom looks like in a secular democracy. I would also suggest the same is true for the GOP presidential candidates.

On Sullivan's blog today, he posted this article:

"The Bishops' Obsession With The Sex Lives Of Others"

He closes with this statement:

"They have become the Pharisees. And we need Jesus."

Bill Baar said...

Frum had a nice comeback

Obama's set not trap. This is the inevitable outcome of politicized Healthcare. It will blow back onto the left too. Recall the issue on revised mammography screens during the Obamacare debates.

Check Box, algorithmic medicine (and that's what I do, I understand it) in the hands of the government under mandated uniform benefit packages means these issues will gut keep popping up. Government simply not up to the tast, makes them political, and we're all trapped in the mess.