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(MUST WATCH & SHARE) Leaked video | Homs | Assad's tank shelling buildings randomly

Christian Smith: Man the Religious Animal

True?  I believe so.

The first of these natural human tendencies toward religion springs from our universal human condition in relation to what we affirm as true. As I have argued in my book Moral, Believing Animals, all human beings are believers, not knowers who know with certitude. Everything we know is grounded on presupposed beliefs that cannot be verified with more fundamental proof or certainty that provides us assurance that they are true. That is just as true for atheists as for religious adherents. The quest for foundationalist certainty, with which we are all familiar, is a distinctly modern project, one launched as a response to the instabilities and uncertainties of early-modern Europe. But that modern project has failed. There is no universal, rational foundation upon which indubitably certain knowledge can be built. All human knowing is built on believing. That is the human condition.

via First Things

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American Cancer Society Attacks Me by Name Over California Tax Grab? « Publius Forum

American Cancer Society Attacks Me by Name Over California Tax Grab? « Publius Forum:
Warner writes,
The accusation leveled against me is that I am “in bed with Big Tobacco.” Naturally, these left-wingers don’t bother with any proof. They just hang the claim out there and leave it at that. If I am working with Big Tobacco, I have to say that their checks are late. I didn’t even get a cool Joe Camel T-Shirt, the ingrates! (In case they pull down the page, I have a screen shot saved here)

But imagine. This coalition of deep-pocketed, big government-loving entities is coming after me by name. Seriously. Have you ever heard of billion dollar groups like these attacking a single blogger like this? It truly is a new world.
A little over the top for a giant disease lobby.

Mr. President, When Should I Expect Your Call? | Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin wondering when the President will giver her a call…..

But here’s why I’m a little surprised my phone hasn’t rung.  Your $1,000,000 donor Bill Maher has said reprehensible things about my family.  He’s made fun of my brother because of his Down’s Syndrome. He’s said I was “f—-d so hard a baby fell out.”  (In a classy move, he did this while his producers put up the cover of my book, which tells about the forgiveness and redemption I’ve found in God after my past – very public — mistakes.)

If Maher talked about Malia and Sasha that way, you’d return his dirty money and the Secret Service would probably have to restrain you.  After all, I’ve always felt you understood my plight more than most because your mom was a teenager.  That’s why you stood up for me when you were campaigning against Sen. McCain and my mom — you said vicious attacks on me should be off limits.

Yet I wonder if the Presidency has changed you.  Now that you’re in office, it seems you’re only willing to defend certain women.  You’re only willing to take a moral stand when you know your liberal supporters will stand behind you.


What if you did something radical and wildly unpopular with your base and took a stand against the denigration of all women… even if they’re just single moms? Even if they’re Republicans?

Mr. President, When Should I Expect Your Call? | Bristol Palin

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5 dead, 12 wounded in attacks across Chicago

5 dead, 12 wounded in attacks across Chicago

Great Springtime weather brings out the hoodlums in Chicago and the Butcher's Bill soars.  5 Dead, 12 wounded and it's not even 10am Sunday.

Chicago Democrats all worked up about a "War on Women" and perfectly silent on the real and bloody war fought daily on our streets with victims often children.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Newt Gingrich Slams the President as a member of the “Flat Earth, Sierra Club Society.”


Warner catches Gingrich responding to President Obama’s Flat Earth Society charge over at Otto Engineering…. not far from my home.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

RealClearPolitics - Complex Societies Need Simple Laws

Stossel writes,

Big-government advocates will say that as society grows more complex, laws must multiply to keep up. The opposite is true. It is precisely because society is unfathomably complex that laws must be kept simple. No legislature can possibly prescribe rules for the complex network of uncountable transactions and acts of cooperation that take place every day. Not only is the knowledge that would be required to make such a regulatory regime work unavailable to the planners, it doesn't actually exist, because people don't know what they will want or do until they confront alternatives in the real world. Any attempt to manage a modern society is more like a bull in a darkened china shop than a finely tuned machine. No wonder the schemes of politicians go awry.

F.A. Hayek wisely said, "The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design." Another Nobel laureate, James M. Buchanan, put it this way: "Economics is the art of putting parameters on our utopias."

Barack Obama and his ilk in both parties don't want parameters on their utopias. They think the world is subject to their manipulation. That idea was debunked years ago.

RealClearPolitics - Complex Societies Need Simple Laws

I’d add velocity too besides complexity.  Transactions move at clips far too fast for the regulators to comprehend.  I recall listening to an Econ lecture in the 1970s about the coming role of computers in banking.  My Prof (and I) thought these machines “a natural” for planned command style economies like the Soviet Union.  Yet it was the velocity of computers in the information age that brought them down, and propelled the free world ahead.

French war surgeon speaks of “hell’’ in Syria

The Youtube videos are horrific.
French surgeon Jacques Beres has operated in war zones for 40 years, but he says the carnage in Syria is among the most horrific he has ever witnessed. Beres smuggled himself into the battered Syrian city of Homs for two weeks in February, setting up a makeshift hospital in a home where he operated on 89 wounded in a span of 12 days.
Many were elderly or children. He saved most of them, but nine died on the operating table.
At a meeting of human rights activists Tuesday in Geneva, the 71-year-old Parisian — apparently the only Western doctor to get into Homs — spoke with passion about the bloodshed and the horrific conditions.
The rest over at RPS Newsletter

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Zombie: Occupy Protests against Israel and Shimon Peres in SF

Zombie covers Occupy's Protest of Shimon Peres in San Francisco.  As far as I can tell, this has nothing to do with the 1%...

Via Occupy Oakland

On March 6, 2012, Israeli President Shimon Peres will come to Temple Emanu-El in San Francisco to give a talk titled “Israel and the Jewish People: A Vision of Tomorrow.” In light of this theme, we want to show Peres what our vision of tomorrow would look like by warmly greeting him with a mass protest against apartheid outside of the temple.

The first Christian officer to defect from the Syrian army, Officer Muteeh Ilyas Ilyas

I'm afraid the door's shut on non-sectarianism in Syria, but maybe there's some cause for optimism here. I doubt it though.

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مؤسسة وارفين

Here for English 
وارفين: أفراد لا يحصون يواجهون التهديدات والسجن والإعدام بسبب انتقادهم للدين والسلطات الدينية. قوانين الكفر والردة فضلا عن القواعد غير المدونة التي تفرضها الجهات الفاعلة الحكومية وغير الحكومية وتهدف في المقام الأول لتقييد الفكر والتعبير والحدّ من حقوق المسلمين والمسلمين السابقين وغير المسلمين على حد سواء.
هذه القواعد موجودة في عدد من البلدان، بما في ذلك: المملكة العربية السعودية، إيران، مصر، باكستان، أفغانستان، الأردن، المغرب، تركيا، اليمن، العراق وأماكن أخرى.
في 14 آذار 2012، نحن الموقعين أدناه، ندعو لأنشطة وإجراءات متزامنة دفاعا عن نقاد الدين من أجل تسليط الضوء على قوانين العصور الوسطى وممارسة الضغط من أجل إنقاذ حياة النساء والرجال الذين يواجهون الإعدام والسجن أو التهديدات.
بينما هناك ناس لا يحصون ينتظرون العقاب بموجب هذه القوانين والقواعد؛ نحن نسلط الضوء على عشر من هذه الحالات، وهي:
حمزة كاشغري، المملكة العربية السعودية: 23 عاما، مسلم، متهم بالتجديف (قول الكفر) لأنه تحدث في تويتر عن محمد ووضع النساء
أليكس آن، إندونيسيا: ملحد، 30 عاما، متهم بالكفر لقوله (لا إله) في الفيسبوك
آسيه بي‌بي، باكستان: والدة لخمسة أطفال، 45 عاما، محكوم عليها بالإعدام بتهمة التجديف لـ 'إهانة محمد"
يوسف نَدَرْخاني، إيران: 34 عاما، محكوم عليه بالإعدام بتهمة الردة لاعتناقه المسيحية.
نبيل القَرْوِيّ، تونس: متهم بـ "انتهاك القيم المقدسة" لعرضه فيلم "برسيبوليس"
سعيد مَلَك‌پور، إيران: محكوم عليه بالإعدام بتهمة "الإهانة والتدنيس بحق الإسلام"
محمد سميع الله، باكستان: 17 عاما، متهم بالتجديف، لكتابته "ملاحظات ازدرائية" حول محمد في امتحاناته
عادل إمام، مصر: ممثل ؛كوميدي سجن لمدة ثلاثة أشهر لأنه ارتكب "إهانة الإسلام"
سَرْوَر البنجويني، كردستان العراق: هُدِّدَ بسبب دراسته للإسلام والنصوص القرآنية.
لَنْجَه عبد الله، كردستان العراق: مديرة مؤسسة وارڤين لقضايا النساء، هُدِّدت في جلسة اجتماع علنية لتحدّيها السلطةَ الدينية
نجاح هذا اليوم العالمي وبالذات حياة هؤلاء التي يأمل هذا اليوم في إنقاذها؛ يعتمد على تدخل كلٍّ مِنّا وكلنا.
ندعو الجماعات والأفراد لاتخاذ إجراءات في هذا اليوم من قبيل احتجاج أو سهرة، وضع منضدة في وسط المدينة، كتابة رسالة، التوقيع على عريضة، رسم صورة، التقاط صورة، صنع فيديو - أي شيء إطلاقا -، من أجل تسليط الضوء على هذه القوانين والقواعد القروسطية، والدفاع عن حرية التعبير والنساء والرجال الذين حياتهم معرضة للخطر.
يمكن تحميل ما تعملون من الدعم والأنشطة والإجراءات على صفحتنا في الفيسبوك:
الموقعون الأوليون:
هوزان محمود، المتحدثة باسم منظمة حرية المرأة في العراق، المملكة المتحدة
مريم نَمازي، المتحدثة باسم منظمة "قانون واحد للجميع والحقوق المتساوية الآن" المناهضة للتمييز ضد المرأة في إيران، المملكة المتحدة
إڤِلين عَقَّاد، أستاذة فخرية في جامعة إلينوي والجامعة اللبنانية الأميركية، الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية
مينا أَحَدي، اللجنة الدولية المناهضة للرجم، ألمانيا
مَهِين عَلي‌پور، مديرة، منظمة "الحقوق المتساوية الآن" المناهضة للتمييز ضد المرأة في إيران، السويد
إيڤان الدَّرَّاجي، كاتبة وفنانة، العراق
پاتي دي‌بونيتاس، التضامن الإيراني، المملكة المتحدة
دييا، منتِجة موسيقية، النرويج / الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية
جاني ديلاني، صحافي، الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية
طارق فَتَح، المجلس الكندي الإسلامي، كندا
طاهر گورا، محرر وناشر، كندا
لاوْرا گويديتي ، ناشطة نسوية، صحيفة (ماريا) Marea النسوية، إيطاليا
ماريا هاگبيري، رئيسة شبكة مناهضة العنف المتصل بالشرف،
السويد / العراق
آسوس هَرْدي، مدير صحيفة آوينه، كردستان العراق
فَرْزانَه حسن، كاتبة، كندا
مريام هيلي لوكاس، "العلمانية هي قضية المرأة"، فرنسا
سندس هوريان، محامية حقوق الإنسان الباكستانية، المملكة المتحدة
مونيكا لانفرانكو، صحافية، صحيفة (ماريا)، إيطاليا
نهلة محمود، مديرة، السودان: "لادينيون عاليًا"، مجموعة الإنسانيين السودانيين، المملكة المتحدة
حسن رَضْوان، لجنة الإدارة، مجلس المسلمين السابقين في بريطانيا، المملكة المتحدة
نِينا سَنْكَري، المبادرة الأوروبية النسوية، بولندا
سُهَيلة شريفي، داعية حقوق المرأة، المملكة المتحدة
عصام شكري، الدفاع عن العلمانية والحقوق المدنية في العراق، كندا
سَرْگول أحمد، المنظمة النسوية في العراق، كندا
عباس كامل، الوحدة المناهضة للبطالة في العراق، العراق
گِیتا سَهْگـَل، مركز الفضاء العلماني CSS، المملكة المتحدة
فـَتـُو سَو، شبكة "النساء في ظل قوانين المسلمين" WLUML، المملكة المتحدة
كلارا كونولي، لندن
عادلة ناصر، ناشطة حقوق الإنسان، ماليزيا
كيران ماكآأوي، عضو جمعية "إيرلندا الملحدة"
كريستيان باسِڤانت، فرنسا
يعقوب أبو بكر، فلسطين
ياكوڤ بنيامين ها ـ كوهين بن ـ آرييه، إسرائيل
جَيْسون وايت، الولايات المتحدة الإميركية
كيري لِڤين، الولايات المتحدة الإميركية
جِين بياني، ملتون كينس، المملكة المتحدة
ساچينثا، كولومبو، سريلانكا
سُهَيلة دلوند، كندا
وائل سليم، الرياض
دِنيز گونال، مالبورن، أستراليا
كريستا رِيحاني أُومْس، هولاندا
نَعِيمة ناش، مصرية، المملكة المتحدة
إيريك سوينسون، المغرب
توير خان، جنوب أفريقا
كَيْث كيد، الولايات المتحدة الإميركية
سَوْسَن إسْبَيْتَه، الإمارات العربية المتحدة
فرانسِسْك فِرّيرو هِرّيرا، آلاكانت، إسبانيا
نانسي هولوهان، الولايات المتحدة الإميركية
فيصل صعيد المُطَر، الحركة الإنسانية العلمانية العالمية GSHM
عدد قراءة 31 ‌‌

International Day of Action to Defend Blasphemers and Apostates

Via Maryam Namaize

On 14 March, we are also calling on people and organisations all over the world to stand with us in defence of those who risk their lives because of their expression. We are asking people to take action by organising a protest or vigil, writing letters, making a video – or any other action – defending 10 cases whose lives and freedoms are at risk such as those of Hamza Kashgari of Saudi Arabia charged with blasphemy for tweeting about Mohammad and women’s status, Alex Aan of Indonesia charged with blasphemy for saying there is no god on Facebook, Asia Bibi of Pakistan sentenced to death for blasphemy for ‘insulting Mohammad’, and others listed here. You can join its Facebook Page here. Their lives depend on us standing up for their rights and we must continue to do so.

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Women’s Day: Taking a stand with women in the Middle East | Amnesty International

Read the whole thing below:

Women’s Day: Taking a stand with women in the Middle East | Amnesty International

Tammy Duckworth, Raja Krishnamoorthi, Joe Walsh and the atheist voter

From Illinois's 8th Congressional District and what will be one of the hottest Congressional elections.....

Vice President of Outreach of the National Atheist Party asks Krishnamoorthi, Duckworth, and Walsh: "How will you represent atheist voters?" Fascinating look at three very different styles of candidates. Note Walsh is the guy with zero rating on his voting record from the secularists.  Walsh also the guy who asks the atheist to stick around afterwords and give him his contact information.

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PB takes a few swipes at UU Boomers too focused on 1968, and seems none too keen on comments.

Years as markers never perfect, but 1968 seems a a critical one to me, and I think UUism before and after 1968 were very different faiths. The UnitarianJohn Ruskin Clark, D.D. saw it coming in Oct 1968 when he wrote regarding Marcuse's One Dimnesional Man (which many High School kids carried...maybe never read, and published by Beacon Press.),
The assumptions you and I make about the nature of man - whether he is autonomous or social; about society - whether it is dominating or a democracy of influences; about the validation of our choices - whether it is by our personal decision or by our capacity to survive; about the live-options for the future - whether they can entail freedom from the necessity for making a living for all of us or whether productive work will continue to be a condition of survival; and about the means for inducing social change - whether it should be by revolution or evolution: the assumptions we make in these matter s will make all the difference about what happens in history. And our assumptions had better be right, for upon them will depend what we leave our children.
These were heady years when a 16 year old kid in jeans and denim shirt (radical stuff in dress code days) with a red arm ban could shout about the inevitablity of the historical dialectic at school and an amazing number of teachers couldn't quite refute it.

PB maybe have been a babe then, but the isms and ologies that came out of 1968 stuck and have been with many Americans ever since.

I'd say the only other signficant year since was 1989 and the fall of the Berlin Wall. A liberation a good many UUs refuse to contemplate, or give any credit to a Ronald Reagan; himself infused with some Universalist idealism.

I don't think today's UUism will get out of it's funk until it sorts out the consequences of what we did, what we said, what we advocated, since that year of 1968.

Below the first of four parts on France in 1968.

Stalin's Death, March 5, 1953

On the anniversary R. J. Rummel takes a look at the butchers bill: How Many Did Stalin Really Murder? and Arnold Beichman asks why so many found the Tyrant appealing .  I add a few Unitarians to that list.

Consider The Unitarian who shook Europe on Noel Field.
So what are the lessons of Noel Field’s extraordinary life? I suppose in one sentence it is about the bewildering pitfalls for men and women of goodwill – idealistic, often innocent, sometimes naïve – who try to walk a hopeful path through a world in agony. Flora Lewis concludes her book The Man who Disappeared with these lines: “He was an ordinary man, a bit sweeter-tempered and a bit fussier and more frail than most. In other times, other circumstances, he would have lived a useful life with the normal amount of sadness and joy, failure and achievement, or perhaps even rather more than normal on the good side. But the times and circumstances were outrageously extraordinary, and he had the proud ambition to be an extraordinary person. It was beyond his capacity. He never managed it. It is not Noel but his story, which is not really his story at all but that of the way in which stronger or more self-knowing people used him, that offers special insights.”

Nazanin Khosravani

From Free Prisoners in Iran آزادی تمام زندانیان دگراندیش  on FaceBook
Iranian journalist Nazanin Khosravani has begun serving her 6 years sentence in Evin prison (Tehran).
She was called in for questioning a number of times and told that if only she would write a few lines and repent, she could avoid serving the six year sentence. Yet she would not. So she's in Evin again now.

Via Jila Baniyaghoob:
نازنین خسروانی برای گذراندن شش سال حکم زندان قطعی امروز به زندان اوین رفت....نازنین بی ادعا و بی هیاهو که حتی کسی نمی دانست شش حکم زندان تعزیزی دارد، نازنین عزیز ما که نمی خواست قهرمان باشد، اما راه قهرمان نبودن را مثل برخی ها در کوتاه آمدن ندید...مقامات قضایی از نازنین چندین بار درخواست کرده بودند تقاضای عفو بنویسد تا به زندان بازگردانده نشود....او کوتاه نیامد و به زندان رفت...او اما نمی خواست قهرمان باشد به همین دلیل بی هیاهو به زندان بازگشت.امروز صبح خودش را به اوین معرفی کرد

Occupy Oakland Protesters Charged with Hate Crimes and Robbery | NBC Bay Area

Three Occupy Oakland protesters were charged with felony counts of hate crimes and robbery Friday after a woman was battered and robbed for asking them not to riot in her neighborhood, according to the Oakland Police Department.

The suspects are 32-year-old Michael Davis, 23-year-old Nneka Crawford and 24-year-old Randolph Wilkins.

On Feb. 22, the Oakland Police Department responded to a report of a robbery on the 4000 block of Piedmont Avenue in Oakland.

The female victim who called the police said she was walking across the street from a Wells Fargo bank when she noticed a group of Occupy Oakland protesters calling for a riot, police said.

The woman told the protesters not to riot in her neighborhood, then she was allegedly surrounded by them. She told police that three protesters battered her and yelled epithets about what they believed was her sexual orientation. Police also said the protesters stole the woman's wallet.

Occupy Oakland Protesters Charged with Hate Crimes and Robbery | NBC Bay Area

What a bunch for UUA to have thrown our lot with.

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Exclusiv : Injured Brit Photographer On Homs 'Massacre'

Amazing how indifferent world can be to deliberate slaughter.

Examining our Unitarian Universalist Values « A Unitarian Universalist Minister in the South

I just don’t think UUMSouth quite gets what it means to be a UU.

Examining our Unitarian Universalist Values « A Unitarian Universalist Minister in the South

We tell a story every so often in my Church of our founding Minister, Augustus Conant.  After founding Churches in Geneva and Rockford Illinois he found his fervent abolitionism no longer welcome at the pro-slavery and anti-war congregations he helped build.  He left, became a Chaplain in the US Army, died on the battlefield of disease, his body returned to Geneva.  His funeral service held at the Church that abhorred his abolitionism.  His new born son dedicated in the same service.  The child held aloft over the Father’s coffin, and the chastened congregation resolved never to let politics split it again (and politics don’t get any more divisive than then.)

We in Geneva continue to live this.  Not every UU Church does.  But there is simply no power within UUism to set UU values.  There is no authority to say this is UU, and this isn’t.  Spout values as you wish, but there’s  no way to enforce your test.

Now I’d like to see more writing and thought on UU history, and some of the values we’ve held: Fritchman’s Communism and fervent prosecution of WW2 versus Holmes pacifism (and America Firstism), the quests for fewer but better babies, the Republican Washburn’s mingling of Universalism and America into what sounds a whole lot like an Empire of Democracy,
He clearly identified the American Republic with Universalism, which was the most democratic faith in his view. His blending of Universalism and democracy foreshadowed our understanding of a “civil religion,” which is expressed in the ideals of freedom and equality. This religious counterpart to democracy was seen as the future church of America. In an address he gave for the Universalist centennial celebration, he said the faith was “universal in its scope and ultimate membership, — it will embrace the world.”
Instead of reading each other out of the faith, it would be better if Rev H. showed more grasp of how all-over-the-place UU values have been throughout our History.  It’s damn hard to run a UU out, and when the Unitarians succeeded with Holmes, many regretted it later.

Examine UU History first.  The values will emerge.  They don’t bind us at all today.  No authority does, but you’ll be a better UU for having done so, and better appreciate how Us and Us have managed to congregate together despite some pretty odious values.  Some of which they should have known better to hold in their own time.  Yet Unitarians and Universalists they were.

(03-03-12) Homs | Assad Shelling Continues, Snipers on Rooftops

No translation of the narrative but between the title, the tank, and the camera angles you get an idea what it's about. Also evidence of the fighting the city's been through.

Israel FM offers aid to Syrian injured | Egypt Independent

More than the US has offered…

Israel's foreign minister says the country is ready to help treat Syrians injured in the uprising against President Bashar Assad.

A Friday statement from Avigdor Lieberman's office quotes him as saying that Israel is willing to provide wounded Syrians "all humanitarian aid at any minute it is requested."

Lieberman's spokesman Tzachi Moshe says Israel would provide the aid through the United Nations or other international organizations. The aid would be purely humanitarian, and Israel would not get involved in Syria's affairs.

Israel and Syria are enemy states that have fought several wars.

Assad's security forces have killed thousands in an attempt to suppress the year-long uprising.

Lieberman spoke Friday while on an official visit to Bulgaria.

Israel FM offers aid to Syrian injured | Egypt Independent

States should study spending before picking benefits, report says -

Proponents of reform are optimistic that extending coverage to the uninsured can help lower overall healthcare costs by offering them more preventive services and avoiding costlier hospital visits. But government-run programs and private health plans have struggled for years to slow spending on expensive medical tests, new prescription drugs and advances in technology.

States should study spending before picking benefits, report says -

“Free Contraception” but let us slow the spending on advances in technology or new drugs please. The nightmare that’s politicized healthcare in the hands of social engineers unfolds.

The most technologically innovative country the worlds yet seen. America’s lead the way in new therapies to wipeout killer diseases, and we’ll chuck it all in a quest for low costs and free contraceptives; which are already widely available and inexpensive anyways.

What a tragic disaster.

Friday, March 02, 2012

US House condemns death sentence of Iranian pastor

Via Freedom Messenger.
The US House of Representatives on Thursday condemned Iran for sentencing an Iranian-born Christian pastor to death, in violation, US lawmakers said, of the “universal human right” of religion.

By a unanimous vote of 418-0, US lawmakers called in a symbolic resolution for the immediate release of Yusef Nadarkhani and condemned the “state-sponsored persecution of religious minorities” in Iran.

Nadarkhani, 34, converted from Islam to Christianity at the age of 19 and became pastor of a small evangelical community called the Church of Iran.

He was arrested in October 2009 and condemned to death for apostasy for abandoning his Muslim faith.

Syrian Political Satire Lambasts Hassan Nasrallah for Supporting Syrian Regime

Nasrallah's since bailed on Iran. I imagine Assad too soon.

الرستن 2 3 2012 مجزرة جماعية.من قبل العصابة الغاشمة

Video of the massacre of young men at Al-Rastan, Homs, Syria...this was the least horrific. Simply goole "Rastan Massacre" for the horrific ones.

Update via Fadah J
The Fourth Battalion led by Maher Assad invaded the city of Rastan in Homs accompanied by over 250 tanks. They used civilian human shields to deter the Free Syrian Army which has been holding its positions thus far.

After the occupation of the city, dozens of houses were shelled and demolished on top of its residents. Entire families were massacred and massive rapes occurred, some included minors. Hospitals, bakeries, shops and stores were also looted and burned.

All doctors and nurses were arrested, and twenty boys under the age of 15 were reportedly executed by shabbiha militiamen near the subsidized Consumer Corporation.

Homs, Karm Alchami, 01-03-2012,le martyr Khaled Altadmouri tué par un sniper d'Assad

One Woman’s Proposal to Halt the Violence in Syria | Syria Undercover | FRONTLINE | PBS

A link to Frontline’s story…

As more bodies pile up in Syria’s besieged protest hubs, the international community has failed to find a solution to end the violence the U.N. estimates has killed more than 7,500 Syrians since an anti-government uprising broke out almost a year ago.

Over the past few months, one woman has driven the debate over whether and how the international community should intervene in the Syrian crisis. Former State Department Director of Policy Planning Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter, in writing and in media appearances, has offered one of the clearest outlines for a possible foreign intervention in Syria.

FRONTLINE spoke with Dr. Slaughter about her proposal for foreign military intervention in Syria, her response to some of her critics and what she believes is at stake if the international community ignores the crisis.

One Woman’s Proposal to Halt the Violence in Syria | Syria Undercover | FRONTLINE | PBS

Leftist’s Hate on Full Display Over Breitbart’s Passing « Publius Forum

WTH on Progressive hate tweets,

Leftist’s Hate on Full Display Over Breitbart’s Passing « Publius Forum

There’s an odd and nasty inability of many on the left to kick politics out of sacred moments.  An insight that first hit me when Trent Lott was booed at Paul Wellstone’s memorial.

DownWithTyranny!: Obama And Poker-- We Lose

Let’s hope Iran’s Mullah’s aren’t big fans of DownWithTyranny when contemplating the President’s I don’t bluff assertion.  The O’s famous for his poker and famous among friends like below for not winning.

I first met Barack Obama when he was a lowly, cigarette-puffing state legislator with a reputation for being a convivial poker player with his Republican colleagues in Springfield, Illinois. In retrospect I realize that they liked him so much because they were probably taking him to the cleaners every day. Even Obama's most dogged defenders admit he's the world's worst poker player-- even if some of them disguise that as civic republicanism (small r)-- and keeps giving away the store to the economic terrorists and predators in his opening hand.

DownWithTyranny!: Obama And Poker-- We Lose

Sebelius: Decrease in Human Beings Will Cover Cost of Contraception Mandate |

This kind of cost-benefit analysis strikes me as the commodification of women's bodies. Machines of the state with production rates calibrated to the needs of the state. A friend of mine a few years ago with her third birth under Illinois's Medicaid program found the Hospital awfully keen on tying her tubes. Three was enough, the trend of the costs should be down please.

Sebelius: Decrease in Human Beings Will Cover Cost of Contraception Mandate |
Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told a House panel Thursday that a reduction in the number of human beings born in the United States will compensate employers and insurers for the cost of complying with the new HHS mandate that will require all health-care plans to cover sterilizations and all FDA-approved contraceptives, including those that cause abortions.

“The reduction in the number of pregnancies compensates for the cost of contraception,” Sebelius said. She went on to say the estimated cost is “down not up.”

The Cleansing of Homs, Syria

World's been here before. More mass graves coming....

Red Cross aid convoy reaches Homs Reuters:
Rebels withdrew on Thursday in a key moment in the year-old uprising. An official at Syria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said the army had "cleansed Baba Amro from the foreign-backed armed groups of terrorists."

Activists said Syria's army had begun hunting down and killing insurgents who had stayed to cover their comrades' retreat, although the reports could not be verified. They said 10 young men were shot dead on Friday. It was not immediately clear how many rebels had been killed in the onslaught and how many had withdrawn.

"All men who remained in the neighborhood aged between 14 and 50 were arrested. We fear they will be massacred. Where is the world?," said one activist.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Building That Once Housed a Legendary Chicago Synagogue Faces Demolition – Tablet Magazine

My Dad told me once while driving home on Van Buren Street to take a good look around because we’re always tearing Chicago down.

In his essay “Chicago, The City That Was: The City That Is,” Saul Bellow wrote: “The speed of the cycles of prosperity and desolation is an extraordinary challenge to historians and prophets.”

I wonder what Bellow would say if he could see the building that once housed Chicago’s Anshe Kanesses synagogue, at 3411 West Douglas Boulevard in North Lawndale. Today, Anshe Kanesses—which was also known as the Russcheses Synagogue, because of the large number of Russian Jews attending—is decrepit and open to the elements in places. Vandals have torn out every piece of copper wire in the walls and broken the sinks to get the aluminum, according to the current property manager, John Vassal.

Building That Once Housed a Legendary Chicago Synagogue Faces Demolition – Tablet Magazine