Monday, March 05, 2012


PB takes a few swipes at UU Boomers too focused on 1968, and seems none too keen on comments.

Years as markers never perfect, but 1968 seems a a critical one to me, and I think UUism before and after 1968 were very different faiths. The UnitarianJohn Ruskin Clark, D.D. saw it coming in Oct 1968 when he wrote regarding Marcuse's One Dimnesional Man (which many High School kids carried...maybe never read, and published by Beacon Press.),
The assumptions you and I make about the nature of man - whether he is autonomous or social; about society - whether it is dominating or a democracy of influences; about the validation of our choices - whether it is by our personal decision or by our capacity to survive; about the live-options for the future - whether they can entail freedom from the necessity for making a living for all of us or whether productive work will continue to be a condition of survival; and about the means for inducing social change - whether it should be by revolution or evolution: the assumptions we make in these matter s will make all the difference about what happens in history. And our assumptions had better be right, for upon them will depend what we leave our children.
These were heady years when a 16 year old kid in jeans and denim shirt (radical stuff in dress code days) with a red arm ban could shout about the inevitablity of the historical dialectic at school and an amazing number of teachers couldn't quite refute it.

PB maybe have been a babe then, but the isms and ologies that came out of 1968 stuck and have been with many Americans ever since.

I'd say the only other signficant year since was 1989 and the fall of the Berlin Wall. A liberation a good many UUs refuse to contemplate, or give any credit to a Ronald Reagan; himself infused with some Universalist idealism.

I don't think today's UUism will get out of it's funk until it sorts out the consequences of what we did, what we said, what we advocated, since that year of 1968.

Below the first of four parts on France in 1968.

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Robin Edgar said...

It looks like Peacebang's Lenten pledge to *try* to "give up the “fiery burden” of constant passionate opinion, or at least to notice how often I feel obligated or entitled to offer mine" went by the wayside pretty quickly. . . I for one am by no means surprised. I expect that some Baby Boomer UU ministers are wishing it was 1968 again if only because Peacebang was "pre-verbal and in diapers" back then. ;-)