Friday, March 02, 2012

الرستن 2 3 2012 مجزرة جماعية.من قبل العصابة الغاشمة

Video of the massacre of young men at Al-Rastan, Homs, Syria...this was the least horrific. Simply goole "Rastan Massacre" for the horrific ones.

Update via Fadah J
The Fourth Battalion led by Maher Assad invaded the city of Rastan in Homs accompanied by over 250 tanks. They used civilian human shields to deter the Free Syrian Army which has been holding its positions thus far.

After the occupation of the city, dozens of houses were shelled and demolished on top of its residents. Entire families were massacred and massive rapes occurred, some included minors. Hospitals, bakeries, shops and stores were also looted and burned.

All doctors and nurses were arrested, and twenty boys under the age of 15 were reportedly executed by shabbiha militiamen near the subsidized Consumer Corporation.

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