Saturday, March 10, 2012

International Day of Action to Defend Blasphemers and Apostates

Via Maryam Namaize

On 14 March, we are also calling on people and organisations all over the world to stand with us in defence of those who risk their lives because of their expression. We are asking people to take action by organising a protest or vigil, writing letters, making a video – or any other action – defending 10 cases whose lives and freedoms are at risk such as those of Hamza Kashgari of Saudi Arabia charged with blasphemy for tweeting about Mohammad and women’s status, Alex Aan of Indonesia charged with blasphemy for saying there is no god on Facebook, Asia Bibi of Pakistan sentenced to death for blasphemy for ‘insulting Mohammad’, and others listed here. You can join its Facebook Page here. Their lives depend on us standing up for their rights and we must continue to do so.

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