Friday, April 13, 2012

Occupy Chicago in the Springtime

Spring in Chicago: Occupy returns to the loop and the butcher bill soars in the neighborhoods ( eight people shot last night including a seven year old girl). Cops won't be able to deal with both come Nato summit. Rahm's going to need to call out the Guard.  H/T Illinois Review


LdeG said...

Bill - I've been reading you for some time now and almost all of your posts are negative, criticizing others, but not advocating anything. What are you or would you have others do to decrease the violence in Chicago? You seem to imply that a larger police presence would help, but does that really address causes?

Bill Baar said...

Suburban Maywood went a year without a murder. Cicero went 14 months without a gang related murder. Maywood did it with hard nose policing including not letting people loiter. Chicago's PD woefully undermanned. Follow Second City Cop blog for the problems in the CPD. Also get the past issue of Chicago Magazine about the many linkages between the gangs and Chicago government. I'd be positive if I saw some positive things happening in Chicago. Right now, I really don't.

LdeG said...

By positive, I meant, as I said, a suggestion for positive action, as opposed to your general negative mode of criticizing other's actions. The general recommendation for preventing gang violence is
"To prevent youth from joining gangs, communities must strengthen
families and schools, improve community supervision, train teachers
and parents to manage disruptive youth, and teach students interpersonal
skills." (from the National Gang Center)

Instead, you suggest that a group advocating economic justice, which would provide resources for doing all the above, refrain from exercising their free speech rights to advocate for all of the above, so that the police are freed up to patrol. That's a very short-term approach. Even if force is your preferred long-term solution to controlling both speech and violence, you need to be advocating for more funding for that force. Of course, I think that attempting the economic injustice that causes the violence in the first place is the better course.