Monday, April 16, 2012

update - Unheard Voices of Unitarian Universalist Conservatives

Via Paul Roche on the Conservative Forum for Unitarian Universalists on facebook.
We presented our play/commentary re above at the Joseph Priestley Assembly in Va this weekend. We had about 25 folks in the audience and by all accounts it was well received. People who weren't at the session approached us to thank us for raising awareness of the way less-than-liberal UUs are treated inour Congregations. Rev Anya Sammler-Michael of Sterling VA asked UUA President Peter Morales (keynote speaker) about crossing political barriers. The question received APPLAUSE from probably 50 of the 200 UUs gathered. I wish Rev Morales response was more forthcoming, but he kind of punted on the question. Thanks to the six ministers who took part in the presentation. Come to GA to see it for yourself... :-)
This blog disqualifies me as an unheard voice and I've never been mistreated so to speak. I agree with many putting on this session though that UUA's overlooking outreach to a good many Conservatives of a libertarian sort with their reflexive Progressivism e.g. finding the rest of your fellow citizens in Denial.

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