Saturday, May 26, 2012

UU World Letter's to the Editor on Immigration : "more brain to go with the heart please!"

All of the Letters to the Editor in the Current issue of UU World reflect a thoughtfulness on the issue, and a willingness to see different sides, that seems lost in the pronouncements that come out of Boston. Perhaps we're losing members because our preaching too shrill and fails to see nuances the average American can readily see. Leaders and preachers too wrapped up in their advocacy rather than thoughtfulness. A sample, (follow the link above for the rest.)
When UU writers or ministers discuss immigration, they often start or close with a disclaimer against “anything-goes immigration policy.” However, seldom do they advocate or even discuss any specific proposals. It just feels like vague “red meat,” for firing up an already radicalized “base.” I hunger for tangible, concrete, pragmatic information that I can use when fleshing out my own ideas and when reaching out with a straight face to non-UUs who raise legitimate questions. Kimberly French splits hairs over the definition of “criminal” vs. “civil” laws. I understand the spirit of what the author is trying to say, but this just comes across as disingenuous. I liked the spotlight on nafta, because I do believe that subsidized American corn is a root cause of increased immigration since the 1990s. However, I could have used more substance to back up the hyperbole. I hope that this discussion will grow more tangible, concrete, and specific as it develops in the UUA and local congregations. More brain to go with the heart!
More Brain to go with the heart: a comment I bet one could say to him or herself many times when listening to a UU Preacher? It used to be a lot of brain when I first started attending a UU Church, but as I read the UUism coming over blogs and facebook the past few years I fear the liberal/progressive heart has driven the brains out. That's a formulae for losing, and these letters tell me I'm not alone.


Robin Edgar said...

Indeed you are far from alone Bill. I too have seen far too many examples of U*U stupidity over the last couple of decades, indeed I have been tempted to display a picket sign saying -


Playing off of this famous scene from 'Sixth Sense'.

Indeec I am similarly tempted to display a picket sign slogan saying -


But I expect that *some* rather disingenuous, or just plain stupid, U*Us would try to misrepresent this slogan as being some kind of death threat, when in fact it is only referring to the shameful cold-heartedness of callously indifferent and apathetic Unitarian Universalists who have been willfully ignoring my peaceful public protest against U*U injustices and abuses for over 14 years now. . . Needless to say that picket sign slogan references Ralph Waldo Emerson's famous words about "corpse-cold Unitarianism".

Red Sphynx said...

I fear the liberal/progressive heart has driven the brains out.

Gee, I've been a UU for 32 years, and the level of 'brains driven out' seems pretty constant. What's important to understand is that we (liberals, UUs) sacrilize victim groups. And what we make sacred, we can no longer reason about.

UU still has plenty of smarts. Just don't look to our clerical class for guidance on a few issues. Especially around our 'worthy victims'.

Bill Baar said...

I agree RS

Robin Edgar said...

Funny how ever so liberal U*Us are so loathe to "sacrilize" victims of U*U clergy misconduct which includes, but is by no means limited to, some quite egregious clergy sexual misconduct. . . Why is it that U*U clergy misconduct victims, including U*U clergy sexual abuse victims, are not embraced as "worthy victims" by Unitarian Universalists?