Saturday, June 23, 2012

Conservative UUs call for inclusivity : : General Assembly

UU World on the Conservative Workshop at GA.  Nice to see it attracted a large crowd.
The workshop attracted a larger than anticipated audience, with some attendees standing or sitting on the floor along the walls and in the back of the small room at the Phoenix Convention Center.
The Rev. Nancy McDonald-Ladd, of the Bull Run UUs in Manassas, Va., earned a hearty round of applause from the crowd when she asked, “If the litmus test for ‘people like me’ becomes political affiliation, are we not mirroring the exact political partisanship and brokenness present in the world outside our doors, and are we not called—as faithful, courageous people—to something higher than mirroring the worst of the world around us?”
Conservative UUs call for inclusivity : : General Assembly

Update: A link to some of my posts and responses used for the presentation.

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