Friday, June 08, 2012

Entrepreneurs and Evangelists

via David Owen O'Quill's post on six things you should know before seminary.

If entrepreneurial too Romneyesque for you, consider institutional leadership instead, because for a Church (or movement) to endure it requires institutions and people with the skills to build them.

One sad legacy of the sixties is way to many of my generation have lost respect for those skills.

3. The standard financial model of one minister serving one congregation and living a middle class lifestyle has a questionable future. This has enormous ramifications given the rising costs of seminary education and student debt. The future of ministry will require a much higher level of entrepreneurial leadership and evangelistic skill.

Now, about evangelistic skills, well, the first piece of UU evangelism is no one in our just surviving institutions has the authority to boot out another for their beliefs; appalling as they may seem. The institutions lack it, and its because our heritage feared authority more than it feared wrong belief. Please, lets get back to evangelizing that!

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