Monday, June 04, 2012

RealClearReligion - Blackballing Nat Hentoff

RCR on Hentoff’s humanist conversion to pro-life,

Hentoff's liberal friends didn't appreciate his conversion: "They were saying, 'What's the big fuss about? If the parents had known she was going to come in this way, they would have had an abortion. So why don't you consider it a late abortion and go on to something else? Here were liberals, decent people, fully convinced themselves that they were for individual rights and liberties but willing to send into eternity these infants because they were imperfect, inconvenient, costly. I saw the same attitude on the part of the same kinds of people toward abortion, and I thought it was pretty horrifying."

The reaction from America's corrupt fourth estate was instant. Hentoff, a Guggenheim fellow and author of dozens of books, was a pariah. Several of his colleagues at the Village Voice, which had run his column since the 1950s, stopped talking to him. When the National Press Foundation wanted to give him a lifetime achievement award, there was a bitter debate amongst members whether Hentoff should even be honored (he was). Then they stopped running his columns. You heard his name less and less. In December 2008, the Village Voice officially let him go.

RealClearReligion - Blackballing Nat Hentoff


Red Sphynx said...

I miss Hentoff's voice.

I suspect it wasn't just his pro-life stand. Hentoff is quite the civil libertarian. When liberals would have 'no enemies to the left', Hentoff called the truth on communist dictatorships and their oppressions. He sharply criticized violations of free speech in the US - even when they were committed by liberal Democrats.

It wasn't just being pro-choice.

Bill Baar said...

I miss him too.