Monday, June 11, 2012

Syrian Army Unable to Stop Flood of Deserters - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Kofi Annan, Susan Rice, a Clinton, and corpses all over the streets.  Rwanda again with the same players.  Via Der Spiegel,

As long as the West continues to declare every few days that it has no intention of carrying out a military intervention, says Colonel Dirri, the regime in Syria will continue to use everything at its disposal. "Its strength rests in the fact that the whole world is saying, 'We're not going to get involved,'" he says. "If this Rasmussen" -- a reference to NATO's secretary general -- "would just shut his mouth for once, that alone would do Syria a great service!"

At the very latest, after the massacres in Houla two weeks ago and in Mazraat al-Qubair last Wednesday, none of the rebels in northern Syrian still believe the UN's peace plan will be successful. Instead, their greatest hope is little more than a rumor: that at some point the US must surely draw a line, and perhaps Russia too. What will it take to reach that line? The deployment of Syria's air force to carpet-bomb the country? Or perhaps the regime resorting to its arsenal of chemical weapons?

One thing is clear: With or without a vote from the UN Security Council, the rebels want an intervention.

Syrian Army Unable to Stop Flood of Deserters - SPIEGEL ONLINE

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