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Chicago's Our Lady of the Angels Mission

A video on the Our Lady of the Angels Mission on Chicago's West Side.

 It was my Father-in-laws parish as a kid. He's been over at OLA recently for some services, and my wife was down there with him a couple of weekends ago. She left impressed.

In 1958 a fire destroyed the school and killed over 90 children.  Some of my earliest memories are of meeting in my preschool teachers home instead of the park districts shelter house we normally used because all the schools shut down for inspections after that fire. It left an impact. I knew something awful had happened.

My step Dad was a barber in the OLA neighborhood and had given the first haircuts to many of the kids who perished.

I imagine I'll be down there myself as my wife wants to get involved with the work they're doing there.


The most well known UU minister of the 20th century?

This grates a bit….
Forrest Church, the most well-known Unitarian Universalist minister of the 20th century
found in RevThom: Sermon: "The Transient and Permanent in Life" (Delivered 7-29-12)

I grew up in  Preston Bradley’s Chicago and would hear him on the radio or TV so he gets my vote on the most well known (his pic on the right)  Via the PB Center,
He was one of the first pastors to preach to a national radio audience, and holds the record for the longest continuously running religious radio broadcast – some 50- plus years.
And he left us this legacy….
At least from the time of Bradley’s coming, PC’s theology has been liberal, which we today call progressive, following generally the track of what the eminent New York Baptist theologian Walter Rauschenbusch denominated “Social Christianity,” the underlying tenet of which is to work not toward the goal of saving souls, but toward promoting God’s domain here on earth by promoting equality of opportunity, decent living conditions, respect, and social equality for all.

From the beginning, Bradley’s orientation was to social justice, and he surrounded himself in controversy, taking on issues of the day, beginning with freedom of speech. Although a friend of both William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow, Bryan (a minister) was never invited to preach at Peoples Church, but Darrow (a lawyer) received and accepted four such invitations. As mentioned above Bradley marched with both Jane Addams and Martin Luther King, and publicly took on the Ku Klux Klan in his sermons.
I think Bradley’s in a different league.

Other contenders here?  I’m open to hear ‘em.

When did Social Service become Social Justice?

Dan McKanan’s response back to my question on the UU History Listserv.  Each year at my Church’s SJ Committee retreat we bounce back and forth on a mission statement.  My lone dissent always that we need something in the statement on the personal spiritual growth we get out of our work.

Now, with a whole SJ General Assembly, I thought it worth while asking what UUs have meant by these words in the past.  That search brought to my attention that we sometimes talked of Service and sometimes of Justice.  Dan, who’s written the book on it, responded back, and gave me permission to repost here. Your thoughts back welcomed. 

Bill's question about "social service" and "social justice" is a fascinating

one. I did a google "Ngram" search on this, which revealed that both terms

came into widespread use in American English in the first two decades of the twentieth century, which suggests that both are products of the social

gospel movement (with Catholic social teaching doubtless contributing to

the trend). Usage increased steadily until 1940, declined until 1960, then

increased again. The term "social service" was generally more widely used

than "social justice," but around 1980 the former flattened out while the

latter began a steady upward trend, becoming more common in the late 1990s.


As far as I can tell, the terms were used interchangeably by the social

gospelers who organized denominational fellowships to promote social gospel ideas within their particular denominations. Thus, there was the Unitarian Fellowship for Social Justice, in which John Haynes Holmes was a key player, alongside the Universalist Commission on Social Service, organized by Clarence Skinner and Frank Oliver Hall. The Methodists also opted for "service"--Methodist Federation for Social Service--though that organization spent a lot of time agitating for systematic social change. So I would be suspicious of any attempt to find a sharp distinction between the two terms between 1900 and 1920--it is a situation comparable to the different labels used for queer-friendly congregations in different denominations--welcoming, reconciling, open and affirming, more light, etc.


Bill said that as a young socialist he was taught that "social justice" was

a term used by Catholics to co-opt the socialist agenda. I suspect this

interpretation emerged in response to Father Charles Coughlin, the 1930s

priest who blended economic radicalism with anti-Semitism and enthusiasm for European fascism. Coughlin's movement and periodical both used the phrase "social justice," which may have forced others to avoid the term.


The Unitarian Service Committee used the term "service" because it was

modeled on the American Friends Service Committee (organized during WWI), which in turn used "service" because its original mission was to provide alternative forms of wartime service for conscientious objectors.


Vogue journalist claims to have been duped by Syrian First Lady

via Vogue journalist claims to have been duped by Syrian First Lady  Graphic images of the slaughter were available by then. Vogue and Wintour were indifferent to the slaughter.

Joan Juliet Buck, who wrote a notoriously ill-timed profile of Syrian First Lady for Vogue magazine, says she was fooled by Asma al-Assad.

Buck wrote an article published by Newsweek on Monday, detailing how the magazine’s editor asked her to travel to Damascus to meet Mrs. Assad and her husband Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but she was reluctant to accept the assignment. “I don’t want to meet the Assads, and they don’t want to meet a Jew,” she wrote.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The collapse of the liberal church - The Globe and Mail

More on this over the weekend. For now, sound familiar?

Back in the 1960s, the liberal churches bet their future on becoming more open, more inclusive, more egalitarian and more progressive. They figured that was the way to reach out to a new generation of worshippers. It was a colossal flop.

“I’ve spent all my ministry in declining congregations,” says David Ewart, a recently retired United Church minister who lives in British Columbia. He is deeply discouraged about the future of his faith. “In my experience, when you put your primary focus on the world, there is a lessening of the importance of worship and turning to God.”

The United Church’s high-water mark was 1965, when membership reached nearly 1.1 million. Since then it has shrunk nearly 60 per cent. Congregations have shrunk too – but not the church’s infrastructure or the money needed to maintain it. Today, the church has too many buildings and too few people to pay for their upkeep. Yet its leadership seems remarkably unperturbed. “It’s considered wrong to be concerned about the numbers – too crass, materialistic and business-oriented,” says Mr. Ewart. The church’s leaders are like the last of the Marxist-Leninists: still convinced they’re right despite the fact that the rest of the world has moved on.

The collapse of the liberal church - The Globe and Mail

Friday, July 27, 2012

Aleppo Braces for Onslaught From Assad’s 4th Brigade | Middle East Voices

Assad hopes the world’s watching the Olympics instead of witnessing an ancient city of over 2 million souls being put to the sword.

Reports from online activists predict that the 4th brigade of the Syrian army – known for its brutality and headed by Maher Assad, the notorious brother of  Bashar al-Assad – is heading toward Aleppo to fight the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) battalions that took control of several areas of the city.

The FSA confronted the loyalist forces as they moved north from on Idlib and Hama. However, as of this writing, the 4th brigade is entering the city with all its weight. The next two days are expected to be the worst for us in the 16-month-old uprising. Any massive assault on Aleppo city might cause a humanitarian disaster that will dwarf Srebrenica or Rwanda.

Aleppo Braces for Onslaught From Assad’s 4th Brigade | Middle East Voices

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chicago Chick-fil-A owner: We serve and hire gays ‘with honor, dignity and respect’ - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Chick-fil-A owner: We serve and hire gays ‘with honor, dignity and respect’ - Chicago Sun-Times

So where's the discrimination save in a CEO's conscious to discriminate right and wrong as he sees it? Chicago City Council to regulate that?  That's an outfit without conscious or knowledge or right and wrong almost since inception.

تظاهرات برای گرانی مرغ در نیشابور 1391/05/02

Protests over poultry prices in Nishapur, Iran.

Media Invents Story That Chick-fil-A President Condemned Gay Marriage

Media Invents Story That Chick-fil-A President Condemned Gay Marriage

Read the whole thing.  Dan Cathy never condemned same sex marriage.  He only said what he believed marriage to be.

So that a reason to ban his stores from Chicago?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

'Use of Chemical Weapons Would Be Suicide for Assad' - SPIEGEL ONLINE

People do commit suicide though…

On Monday, Syrian officials warned they would deploy chemical weapons in the event of any "external aggression." Western leaders have warned the regime of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad against any such attack. One day later, a spokesman for Syria's Foreign Ministry assured that such weapons would never be used against Syria's own citizens and that they would only be deployed in the event of a foreign incursion.

But the threat made by Syria on Monday is also an indirect acknowledgment that the country does indeed have chemical weapons as has long been suspected. The CIA noted in a report last year that Syria is believed to have a chemical weapons stockpile "which can be delivered by aerial bombs, ballistic missiles and artillery rockets." Concerns are growing in the international community that, amidst the chaos in the country, that chemical weapons might fall into the wrong hands. Concerned the weapons might reach Hezbollah, the militant Lebanese group aligned with Syria and Iran, Israel is even publicly weighing the possibility of military action.

"Given the regime's stockpiles of chemical weapons, we will continue to make it clear to Assad and those around him that the world is watching and that they will be held accountable by the international community and the United States should they make the tragic mistake of using those weapons," US President Barack Obama said in a speech in Reno, Nevada.

German Press Predicts Syrian Civil War will Cause Chaos in Middle East - SPIEGEL ONLINE

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Chicago Teachers Union's Karen Lewis and those darn working class kids of color

CTU's Karen Lewis, the moonlighting stand-up comic, caught here by Illinois Review,
Listen to what Lewis said on a recent radio broadcast - She blames "students of working or lower class" and "students of color." Note the last 30 seconds of this audio - captured by

This unions gotta go. They're devastating Chicago's Schools and blaming the kids and parents for it.

Crain's Chicago Biz: Merchants in Chicago's deadliest neighborhood are in the line of fire

Crain's Chicago Business on the costs of doing business in a neigborhood I've known since a kid. Get an handle on crime and the hoodlums, and then these communities would thrive. The housing stock is good. Austin's not a slum. Just a neigborhood in the grips of thugs who terrorize all the decent people.

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Rushing to preserve Ladino legacies | JTA - Jewish & Israel News

And there’s not much left…..

Unlike Yiddish documents, which have been catalogued through the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in New York and other archives, Ladino documents have no such home.

“I have a few Ladino books and they are in pretty rough condition, and there are not going to be anymore coming out,” said Randall Belinfante, librarian and archivist at the National Sephardic Library. “People are writing about Ladino culture, but they are not writing Ladino materials.”

Lyudmila Sholokhova, the head librarian at the YIVO Institute, says there is no clear estimate of how many Ladino books still exist. However, there are an estimated 600 Ladino works at Yeshiva University, 200 more at YIVO, 200 at the Library of Congress and about 170 at the National Sephardic Library.

“Digitization will bring huge possibilities for people to get access to their heritage and also huge possibilities for libraries around the world to collaborate because at the moment, we don’t have a clear idea of what other libraries have,” Sholokhova said.

There is a level of interest in preserving the language. Ladino Komunita, an online Ladino forum started by Rachel Bortnick in 1999, tries to unite the Ladino-speaking community. The forum now has 1,400 people from more than 42 countries.

Rushing to preserve Ladino legacies | JTA - Jewish & Israel News

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Ross Douthat: Can Liberal Christianity Be Saved?

From his op-ed in the NYT on the collapse of Liberal Christianity,

But if liberals need to come to terms with these failures, religious conservatives should not be smug about them. The defining idea of liberal Christianity — that faith should spur social reform as well as personal conversion — has been an immensely positive force in our national life. No one should wish for its extinction, or for a world where Christianity becomes the exclusive property of the political right.

What should be wished for, instead, is that liberal Christianity recovers a religious reason for its own existence. As the liberal Protestant scholar Gary Dorrien has pointed out, the Christianity that animated causes such as the Social Gospel and the civil rights movement was much more dogmatic than present-day liberal faith. Its leaders had a “deep grounding in Bible study, family devotions, personal prayer and worship.” They argued for progressive reform in the context of “a personal transcendent God ... the divinity of Christ, the need of personal redemption and the importance of Christian missions.”

Today, by contrast, the leaders of the Episcopal Church and similar bodies often don’t seem to be offering anything you can’t already get from a purely secular liberalism. Which suggests that per haps they should pause, amid their frantic renovations, and consider not just what they would change about historic Christianity, but what they would defend and offer uncompromisingly to the world.

Absent such a reconsideration, their fate is nearly certain: they will change, and change, and die.

Can Liberal Christianity Be Saved? -

A little reconsideration among UUs about what we would defend from historic Unitarianism and Universalism versus would we get from purely secular liberalism in order.  We didn’t get that from the recent Social Justice General Assembly. Becoming a movement like another Sojourners a change, but not one that would keep us from dying.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Syria has begun moving its chemical weapons stockpile out of storage, U.S. warns

Syria gave up on a conventional force long ago in favor of chemicals.  They’ve got plenty.

Syria has started to move part of its chemical weapons arsenal out of storage facilities, according to U.S. officials.

The country's undeclared stockpiles of sarin nerve agent, mustard gas and cyanide have long worried the U.S. officials and its allies in the region, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Western nations have looked for signs amid the rebellion against President Bashar al-Assad's government of any change in the location of those weapons, believed to be the world's largest stockpile.

Syria has begun moving its chemical weapons stockpile out of storage, U.S. warns | Mail Online

Images from Tremseh Massacre Point to Religious War in Rural Syria

It’s not a religious war.  It’s a communal conflict now sadly and the goal is to clear the Sunnis from what will be the Alawite refuge along the coast.

Gruesome images are once again coming out of Syria. And, yet again, people are asking who committed the horrific acts. The Syrian opposition accuses the regime of having murdered more than 220 men, women and children in the central Syrian village of Tremseh. Some were reportedly killed by shelling from the Syrian army, while others were killed by pro-government thugs from nearby villages.

Koffi Annan, the international envoy, said on Friday that it had been proven that artillery, helicopters and tanks had been used in Tremseh, adding that it showed that the Syrian army had clearly violated the peace plan meant to end the 16-month crisis in Syria that has left thousands dead. Meanwhile, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has called on the UN to use all means to intervene in the conflict.

As has so often been the case in this bloody conflict, it is almost impossible to confirm information regarding the massacre. One reason for this is the fact that security worries have led the UN observer mission to put its deployment on hold. Another is that the Syrian regime refuses to allow representatives of the UN Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR), journalists and officials from international organizations to examine what is happening in the country in an unfettered and independent manner.

Images from Tremseh Massacre Point to Religious War in Rural Syria - SPIEGEL ONLINE

A Declaration of Social Principles (1917) - About Christian hope in the final restoration of all souls, and those that believe it

Here’s the Program section from the Universalist’s statement of almost a hundred years ago.  I’m not certain a Social Justice GA today could write any kind of comprehensive Program today. There wouldn’t be agreement, even among those who agree on many particulars.  The faith in the Philosophy and Theology behind SJ gone.

Social Justice changes from time to time.  Not that that’s wrong. I think it’s the nature of the effort.  It should humble those of us involved in SJ work though.

Update: A big thanks to Scott Wells for putting our History online. The link at the bottom to the full source document is his site.


The Universalist Church recognizes the fact that no individual and no nation can live a completely effective Christian life in an unchristian social order. We therefore declare the primal task of the church of to-day to be the reconstruction of the world’s civilization in terms of justice, peace and righteousness, so that the spiritual life of all may develop to its fullest capacity.

To this end we submit the following working program:

Through all the agencies of the church we shall endeavor to educate and inspire the community and the nation to a keener social consciousness and a truer vision of the kingdom of God n the earth.

We want to safeguard marriage so that every child shall be born with a sound physical, mental, and moral heritage.

We want to guarantee to every child these conditions of housing, education, food and recreation which will enable him to become his best.

The standard and plane of living for all should be such that deterioration becomes impossible and advancement becomes limited only by capacity.

Democracy, in order to be complete, must be economic and social as well as political. We therefore declare for the democratization of industry and of land, and for the establishment of co-operation.

We would condemn those forms of private monopoly which make it difficulty or impossible for men to attain their common share of the common heritage of the earth, and especially do we condemn those forms of exploitation which in time of national stress and suffering make the few wealthy at the cost of the many.

No democracy can be real which shuts out half the people. Women should therefore have equal economic, social and political rights with men.

Free discussion is the soul of democracy and the guarantee of our liberties. It should therefore be maintained in our churches, colleges, and public platforms, and limited only be mutual self-respect and courtesy.

We recognize in the use of narcotic habit-forming drugs an immanent peril to social welfare, and we are particularly alarmed at the extent to which tobacco, in the form of cigarettes, is undermining the health and character of American youth. We therefore recommend action toward securing national prohibition of the manufacture and sale of alcoholic liquors, and such progress in restriction of the manufacture of cigarettes and the sale of tobacco as public welfare shall require and public sentiment support. We particularly commend the tobacco laws of Kansas as a model for all the states.

While co-operating to the fullest extent possible with the various forms of charity, relief and correction, we recognize they do not eradicate fundamental causes. We would mobilize the forces of our church against the causes which create misery, disease, accidents, ignorance and crime, and summon all our strength to the establishment of justice, education and social righteousness.

Some forms of social insurance should gradually replace the present individualistic and inadequate methods of charitable relief.

War is brutalizing, wasteful, and ineffective. We therefore pledge ourselves to work for the organization and federation of the world, that peace may be secured at the earliest possible date consistent with justice for all.

The Universalist Church offers a complete program for completing humanity:

First: An Economic Order which shall give to every human being an equal share in the common gifts of God, and in addition all that he shall earn by his own labor.

Second: A Social Order in which there shall be equal rights for all, special privileges for none, the help of the strong for the weak until the weak become strong.

Third: A Moral Order in which all human law and action shall be the expression of the moral order of the universe.

Fourth: A Spiritual Order which shall build out of the growing lives of living men the growing temple of the living God. » A Declaration of Social Principles (1917) - About Christian hope in the final restoration of all souls, and those that believe it

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Unintended Consequences Of Steps To Cut Readmissions And Reform Payment May Threaten Care Of Vulnerable Older Adults

An abstract from Health Affairs.  The penalty on acute readmissions going to be a killer. Unintended is usually how it goes too.  What an understatement….

The US health care system is characterized by fragmentation and misaligned incentives, which creates challenges for both providers and recipients. These challenges are magnified for older adults who receive long-term services and supports. The Affordable Care Act attempts to address some of these challenges. We analyzed three provisions of the act: the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program; the National Pilot Program on Payment Bundling; and the Community-Based Care Transitions Program. These three provisions were designed to enhance care transitions for the broader population of adults coping with chronic illness. We found that these provisions inadequately address the unique needs of vulnerable subgroup members who require long-term services and supports and, in some instances, could produce unintended consequences that would contribute to avoidable poor outcomes. We recommend that policy makers anticipate such unintended consequences and advance payment policies that integrate care. They should also prepare the delivery system to keep up with new requirements under the Affordable Care Act, by supporting providers in implementing evidence-based transitional care practices, recrafting strategic and operational plans, developing educational and other resources for frail older adults and their family caregivers, and integrating measurement and reporting requirements into performance systems.

Unintended Consequences Of Steps To Cut Readmissions And Reform Payment May Threaten Care Of Vulnerable Older Adults


H/T Illinois Review

Goldberg on some often heard cant.

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Marchers reenact Srebrenica escape - Europe - Al Jazeera

Marchers reenact Srebrenica escape - Europe - Al Jazeera English

For all the Progressive blather about Islamopobia, I've yet to find one recalling this shameful moment.

The Drone War: No Prisoners

I heard Klaidman do an interview on the radio this morning.  He said the US has only captured one terrorist under Obama.  The rest have been killed in drone attacks. It’s a no-prisoners approach.

On the matter of terrorist detentions, Mr. Obama's ideological principles prevailed. Liberal ideology, Mr. Klaidman explains, kept the president from establishing a viable terrorist-detention system; the result was a policy that compelled the administration to kill terror suspects rather than capture them. This outcome appalled not only intelligence professionals, who now had no one to interrogate, but also Obama loyalists like National Security Adviser Tom Donilon.

In one of his most telling passages, Mr. Klaidman depicts a passive commander in chief who often procrastinated in the hopes that problems would go away, a sharp divergence from the engaged and proactive president of the official narrative. "The president's own elusiveness created confusion about who was in control of policy," Mr. Klaidman writes. "In this vacuum his advisers fought brutally, each side invoking the president in support of its cause."

Book Review: Confront and Conceal | Kill or Capture -

Afghan woman accused of adultery shot dead in public


When the unnamed woman, most of her body tightly wrapped in a shawl, fell sideways after being shot several times in the head, the spectators chanted: "Long live the Afghan mujahideen! (Islamist fighters)", a name the Taliban use for themselves.

The Taliban could not be reached for comment.

I’d imagine so.

Read the whole story here:

Afghan woman accused of adultery shot dead in public | World news |

Update: The video... WARNING it's graphic

Oakland Occupiers Hold "F*ck the 4th" Day, Burn American Flags

How anyone thought Occupy was going to grow UU Churches beyond me.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Cityscapes: Stolen lettering from Wright's Unity Temple re-created, restored

The words restored:

For the Worship of God and the Service of Man

Cityscapes: Stolen lettering from Wright's Unity Temple re-created, restored

A Rooster with no Nuts

Video for UUs unaccustomed to hearing Chicago Democrats. Bill Beavers: ex-Chicago Cop, ex-Chicago Alderman, Cook County Commissioner, a stand up guy not about to wear a wire on the Dailys for the Feds, a Chicago Progressive with a flair for language calling now-retired U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald a Rooster with No Nuts

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Police: Occupy march in Oakland leaves wake of vandalism - Inside Bay Area

What a horrible movement to have hooked Unitarian Universalism’s reputation onto.

More than 60 Occupy Oakland protesters marched through downtown Wednesday night, spray-painting anti-police slogans on police headquarters and other buildings, vandalizing a police car and setting at least one garbage bin on fire, authorities said Thursday.

No one was arrested for vandalism or setting the fire. But a protester was arrested for not having a sound permit for a speaker system and obstructing an officer, police said.

The march began about 8 p.m. near 14th Street and Broadway and continued down Broadway to police headquarters at Seventh Street and Broadway and continued on other streets.

Police: Occupy march in Oakland leaves wake of vandalism - Inside Bay Area

Pakistan man beaten to death for 'blasphemy' - Central & South Asia - Al Jazeera English

A harsh place Pakistan and none seem harsher than the Punjabis.

A mentally unstable homeless man was beaten to death before his body was set on fire for allegedly burning pages from the Quran in central Pakistan, police said.

A 2,000-person group snatched the man from a police station in a village on the outskirts of the city of Bahawalpur, 100km south of Multan, after officials refused to hand him over on Tuesday.

Ghulam Mohiuddin, a local police chief, said Ghulam Abbas, in his early forties, was taken into custody after people said they caught him burning pages of the Muslim holy book.

"After some time, more than 2,000 people surrounded the police station and asked the police to hand over the man to them, and upon refusal they ransacked the police station and took the accused with them," Mohiuddin told the AFP news agency.

"The protesters also set fire to several motorcycles and vehicles parked in the police station and damaged the quarters of police officials. Later they took away Ghulam Abbas to a main crossing, beat him to death and set his body on fire."

He said the man was mentally unstable and "was not aware of even the location of his residence".

Ahmed Ishaq Jahangir, district police chief, told the AFP news agency that the mob was too much for the police to handle after some in the group incited others to take action.

Pakistan man beaten to death for 'blasphemy' - Central & South Asia - Al Jazeera English

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National Veterans Art Museum Collection Online

My stepson put the collection on line at NVAM Collection Online

Please check it out.  Better yet give them a visit.

Salafi preacher rejects Coptic or female VP | Egypt Independent

Morsy finds being Prez no easy task.  Your friends the biggest problems.  A test on Morsy for the world to watch.

A senior Salafi preacher rejected on Tuesday the possibility that the next vice president would be a Copt or woman, although President Mohamed Morsy's advisers have said he would choose deputies from both of those groups.

“If the president appoints two deputies [who are] women or Copts, we would denounce this. He promised us not to appoint them," Sheikh Yasser Borhamy, the deputy leader of the Salafi Dawah group, told privately owned Al-Hayat 2 satellite channel.

Borhamy, who has a reputation for making controversial statements, said he opposes the idea because the vice president would become acting president in the event that anything happens to Morsy.

Salafi preacher rejects Coptic or female VP | Egypt Independent

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Quentin Young's policy of "Reality and Shame"

Originally posted on Bill Baar's West Side Nov 12, 2008

Photo HT Real Barack Obama

Quentin Young qutoed below from in an interview with NYT in 1991.

Docs will suffer a little shame, including Young, rather than go broke treating the poor on Uncle Sam's nickle.

Reality worth keeping in mind with the looming Health Care reform plans. Doc's aren't going to work cheap. They'll suffer the shame instead.
With low fees pushing doctors away from Medicaid patients, the medical tradition of charitable service to those who can pay very little or nothing at all has been sorely tested.

Dr. Quentin Young, a prominent Chicago physician and a longtime champion of liberal causes, has strict rules on the number of Medicaid patients he will see because otherwise, he said, "I'd go broke."

He calls his policy a mix of "reality and shame." Dr. Young said that if doctors refused to treat patients based on race instead of a Medicaid card "there would be Federal protection."

"The health status for people represented by Medicaid is declining," he said. "The people are shunted about. Either they are rejected by competent physicians or are very often put into clinics that abuse the system, with very little gain in health.

"It's a reflection of the powerlessness of the poor," he said, "and the hardening heart of American that is ominous."

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Marathon Pundit: Shame: Occupiers trash home they squatted in--they wrongly thought it had been foreclosed on (Video)

A pretty cold bunch Occupy. View the video.  MP has the whole story.  Follow the link.

Marathon Pundit: Shame: Occupiers trash home they squatted in--they wrongly thought it had been foreclosed on (Video)

Sufi sheikh warns of sectarian war with Salafis | Egypt Independent

From Egypt Independent on Salafis destroying Sufi shrines.

However, on Monday, Sufi leaders finally managed to meet with their Salafi counterparts in Alexandria, where Salafis denied responsibility for the demolition of shrines.

For his part, Al-Azhar University Professor Ahmed al-Sayeh said he had asked his relatives in Upper Egypt to send him a machine gun with which to kill those who have demolished shrines.

Sufi sheikh warns of sectarian war with Salafis | Egypt Independent

What should Churches do? (Asks Boy in the Band)

I strongly encourage UU blog readers to visit his blog and respond.  A simple (and therefore fundamental) question that should have been theme of GA because UUism in a moment where we're sorely confused.