Monday, July 30, 2012

Chicago's Our Lady of the Angels Mission

A video on the Our Lady of the Angels Mission on Chicago's West Side.

 It was my Father-in-laws parish as a kid. He's been over at OLA recently for some services, and my wife was down there with him a couple of weekends ago. She left impressed.

In 1958 a fire destroyed the school and killed over 90 children.  Some of my earliest memories are of meeting in my preschool teachers home instead of the park districts shelter house we normally used because all the schools shut down for inspections after that fire. It left an impact. I knew something awful had happened.

My step Dad was a barber in the OLA neighborhood and had given the first haircuts to many of the kids who perished.

I imagine I'll be down there myself as my wife wants to get involved with the work they're doing there.


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