Sunday, July 08, 2012

The Drone War: No Prisoners

I heard Klaidman do an interview on the radio this morning.  He said the US has only captured one terrorist under Obama.  The rest have been killed in drone attacks. It’s a no-prisoners approach.

On the matter of terrorist detentions, Mr. Obama's ideological principles prevailed. Liberal ideology, Mr. Klaidman explains, kept the president from establishing a viable terrorist-detention system; the result was a policy that compelled the administration to kill terror suspects rather than capture them. This outcome appalled not only intelligence professionals, who now had no one to interrogate, but also Obama loyalists like National Security Adviser Tom Donilon.

In one of his most telling passages, Mr. Klaidman depicts a passive commander in chief who often procrastinated in the hopes that problems would go away, a sharp divergence from the engaged and proactive president of the official narrative. "The president's own elusiveness created confusion about who was in control of policy," Mr. Klaidman writes. "In this vacuum his advisers fought brutally, each side invoking the president in support of its cause."

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