Thursday, July 05, 2012

Police: Occupy march in Oakland leaves wake of vandalism - Inside Bay Area

What a horrible movement to have hooked Unitarian Universalism’s reputation onto.

More than 60 Occupy Oakland protesters marched through downtown Wednesday night, spray-painting anti-police slogans on police headquarters and other buildings, vandalizing a police car and setting at least one garbage bin on fire, authorities said Thursday.

No one was arrested for vandalism or setting the fire. But a protester was arrested for not having a sound permit for a speaker system and obstructing an officer, police said.

The march began about 8 p.m. near 14th Street and Broadway and continued down Broadway to police headquarters at Seventh Street and Broadway and continued on other streets.

Police: Occupy march in Oakland leaves wake of vandalism - Inside Bay Area


JMP said...

Occupy seems to be fizzling out. All that's left are the more violent and radical protesters. Nothing has happened lately with the Occupy group in my city. Last time they posted on their website, they were going to have one more meeting to see if they could drum up enough interested people to keep going. I attempted to go to their page now, and my browser can't connect. Might be shut down already.

Bill Baar said...

Sure seems out of gas. Chicago is trying three members on terror charges. First time anyone has ever been tried under an Illinois Terror statute. No one much shows up at their trial to offer any support.