Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Darwin’s Ghost | Religion and Other Curiosities

Peter Berger writes…..

Survey data show that large numbers of Americans are creationists of the most robust sort. This kind of religion tends to wither or at least be modified with the spread of higher education. Barring some dramatic catastrophies falling on American society, one would not predict a rosy future for creationism (quite apart from the fact that the federal courts are barring it from the schools). But I think it would be a mistake to simply attribute its prevalence to lack of education. Underlying it is another intuition, which has nothing to do with evolution or the age of the earth: The perception of the distinctive and sacred dignity of every human being. In the famous debate between William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow at the “monkey trial” of 1925 (which humiliated Bryan and traumatized American Evangelicals for decades), Darrow was right in showing up the implausibility of a literal reading of the Bible. But on a deeper and finally more important level, Bryan was right—and it is a good thing that Evangelicals are getting over the trauma.

Darwin’s Ghost | Religion and Other Curiosities

Some how I think that underlying intuition trumps Science.

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