Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Emanuel declines to explain efforts for Accretive Health -

A preview of some of the heavies Democrats going to bring with them in a politicized health care system.  Heavy hitter bill collectors from Accretive Health…

As the Minnesota mess was brewing, Accretive, which earns money by handling the financials for hospital systems, was touted as a local success story by Emanuel and his allies. Emanuel toured the company's LaSalle Street offices in March as it was in line to receive about $6 million in tax-increment financing. And Accretive already was benefiting from millions of dollars in city grants being given to Chicago Career Tech, a retraining facility for unemployed city residents that sent graduates to the company.

The undated letter started with an indication from Emanuel that it was a follow-up to a phone conversation Emanuel had with Swanson. In the letter, Emanuel acted as a go-between of sorts for Accretive founder and CEO Mary Tolan.

He reminded Democrat Swanson of his heavyweight status in the party they share, noting that he had been senior adviser to then-President Bill Clinton and chief of staff to President Barack Obama.

Emanuel declines to explain efforts for Accretive Health -

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