Thursday, August 02, 2012

Health Care in MA Is Bad Omen for Obamacare | Via Meadia

Too my way of thinking, a truly Progressive Health Care Reform creates abundance of supply that really drives down costs; not restrictions on demand and prices. (Think Hill-Burton grants in 1948 to fund more Hospital Construction.  That was the GOPs response after defeating Truman’s Nat Health Insurance plan.) Cost Controls and the resulting shortages exactly where Massachusetts is headed per Via Meadia below. 

The States truly are our Laboratories and we can thank the citizens of the Commonwealth for putting their care out on a limb for the rest of us to see with this experiment.  Endless pain my bet for the ugly outcome.

Opponents of the Affordable Care Act predict the law will play out in four steps:

  1. Put government in charge of healthcare.
  2. Be shocked by rising costs.
  3. Begin micromanagement and cost controls.
  4. Endless pain.

Massachusetts, the model for the federal law, seems to have moved to step three, with a vote set this week on measures to contain runaway healthcare spending. We’ll see if step four is next.

Health Care in MA Is Bad Omen for Obamacare | Via Meadia

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