Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Is America Blessed by God? | First Things

Nice column on American Exceptionalism over at First Things:

Is America Blessed by God? | First Things

American Exceptionalism a concept I’ve always associated with Jay Lovestone (via Wikipedia),

When he returned to the US, Lovestone was forced to pay for his insubordination and was expelled from the party – ostensibly not for challenging Stalin, but for his support of Bukharin and the Right Opposition and for his theory of American exceptionalism, which held that capitalism was more secure in the United States and thus socialists should pursue different, more moderate strategies there than elsewhere in the world. That contradicted Stalin's views and the new Third Period policy of ultra-leftism promoted by the Comintern.

A left outlook that I think History’s shown Lovestone right, and explains the outlook of a good many Chicago leftists and the hopes they placed in Barak Obama.


Charlie Talbert said...

I think the "them" (i.e. the Left) versus "us" (i.e. the Right) team mentality that pervades some of your posts is better suited to the Bears versus Packers or another sports rivalry.

I've noticed that when I and the people I disagree with acknowledge in our words and tone that we all have worth and dignity, and that our beliefs and actions stem from values that we all share (though perhaps not in the same proportions), that the conversation is more constructive.

Bill Baar said...

The Bears and Packers both in the same NFL and players Union. I have UU Ministers on record telling me I'm racist, fascist, and certainly not someone who belongs in a UU church. I have an apology from UUA on one incident. I believe love abides and doesn't stand sides much less ask us to portray our politics as on love's side, but that's the thin theology UUA's delt us Charlie. It sounds like sides because our frame is sides.

Bill Baar said...

PS a future post though on the split in the socialist party in 70s and the faction around Mike Harrington and DSOC that I think became successful with the dem prog caucus and Obama's election. Harrington's Lovestonite vision worked.