Wednesday, August 22, 2012

That Sheep Goat Judgement

A post script to a comment I left on a post by Dan Harper.

 PS I will ad this though. We had a lay sermon a few weeks ago. The speaker quoted Matthew 25:31–46 on the judgement day and the sheep and the goats.

It was pretty clear the sheep were democrats and favored cooperation and collective action. The goats were tea partiers and stubborn individualists. Of course the tea party goats went to hell. (Universal Salvation has its limits.)

 My thought as a tea partier sitting through this sermon was wow, UUs/Political Liberals sure quick to make themselves Christ and divvy up the goats and the sheep.

 Second thought was we tea partiers really do favor collective organization better than many liberals. We just don’t want a Shepard dictating the collective behavior, and instead prefer the free association of sheep and goats alike, all pursuing their own happiness. That free associations sans shepherds yields the best collective.

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