Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Two Views of Preston Bradley for CC

A link for Chalice Chick with some nice descriptions of Preston Bradley: Two Views of Preston Bradley

Also, this on Bradley’s influence on Day Time soap operas through Irna Phillips,

Phillips said that as a young woman she gained strength from the soothing radio ministry of Chicago preacher Preston Bradley. As a tribute to him, she constructed The Guiding Light around the fictional Reverend John Ruthledge, and in the show's first decade, Rev. Ruthledge always left a lamp burning in his study overnight, as a beacon or "guiding light" for friends, family, and strangers. The program premiered on radio on 25 January 1937, came to television in 1952, lost its The in 1977, and aired Monday through Friday on CBS until 2009, making it the longest-running program in any genre of broadcasting. Rev. Ruthledge faded away in the mid-1940s.

Now which UU Minister today could inspire a hit TV show?

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Robin Edgar said...

Does the saying -

"Be careful what you ask for lest you get it" mean anything to you Bill?