Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bad quotations bear false witness | Boy in the Bands

A great quote from a must read post on quotes.

We should read their works — and others who have brought us to this day — but read them for what they are, and not for who we would have them be. Their heritage and our integrity depend on this.

Bad quotations bear false witness | Boy in the Bands

Creedless and no longer wholly Christian Churches need History to root them.  All to often we read into the bits and pieces of that history what we wished our forebears to have been.

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Robin Edgar said...

Considering just how anti-Christian, or at least "reactive" towards Christianity, many contemporary Unitarian Universalists are your "no longer wholly Christian Churches" is quite the understatement Bill. BTW It is not just old inaccurately quoted "bad quotations" that "bear false witness" I can provide a good number 100% accurate quotations of contemporary Unitarian Universalists, including U*U clergy and UUA leaders that bear false witness because they tell highly misleading half-truths and/or whole lies about me and other people. . . All too often Unitarian Universalists read into the bits and pieces of very recent U*U history what U*Us wished their peers had been rather than what they actually were and indeed still are in many cases.