Tuesday, September 25, 2012

رویارویی ایران و غرب اجتناب ناپذیر است Confrontation between Iran and the West is inevitable

A so-so Google Translation of an article by Amir Mousavi, former Defense Ministry adviser,saying confrontation with the West is "unavoidable."

H/T Ali Alfoneh

Confrontation between Iran and the West is inevitable
News Code: 12688202 Persian date Mehr 1391 - 16:06
is inevitable and will lead to the final battle between right and wrong.

has created a situation where every day is harder.

the United Nations) to Vienna (headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency) is possible.

Islam has given rise to thereby forcing Tehran to back down.

has since stepped back off and forget what the blood has been shed for it to get here.


The Islamic Republic is building.

Iran's nuclear program is peaceful and does not intend by this to gain nuclear weapons.

- Tehran Medical will supply enriched uranium for a maximum of 5 percent will be of such a scale that the uranium could be dangerous in any way.

Two sides to a specific destination that brings face.

Former adviser to the defense minister reiterated that in such circumstances it is essential to rational international step before any confrontation and opposition parties in Iran's nuclear case to the back roads of diplomatic negotiations.

The possible war between Iran and Israel will be achieved.


is inevitable.
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