Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Democrats Drop 'God' From Party Platform

Link below for the text dropped regarding God, however this footnote interests me more as there’s a cozy relationship between City and Church in Chicago including government subsidies to Churches and their front groups.  Faith involving patronage worth a plank in a platform!

Should UUA comment here?

There is one section on "faith" and here is what it says:

"Faith has always been a central part of the American story, and it has been a driving force of progress and justice throughout our history. We know that our nation, our communities, and our lives are made vastly stronger and richer by faith and the countless acts of justice and mercy it inspires. Faith- based organizations will always be critical allies in meeting the challenges that face our nation and our world – from domestic and global poverty, to climate change and human trafficking. People of faith and religious organizations do amazing work in communities across this country and the world, and we believe in lifting up and valuing that good work, and finding ways to support it where possible. We believe in constitutionally sound, evidence-based partnerships with faith-based and other non-profit organizations to serve those in need and advance our shared interests. There is no conflict between supporting faith-based institutions and respecting our Constitution, and a full commitment to both principles is essential for the continued flourishing of both faith and country."

Exclusive: Democrats Drop 'God' From Party Platform

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