Thursday, September 13, 2012

Obama Offends Muslims with OBL Bragging? | Conservative Byte

GM’s Alive and Osama’s Dead wasn’t my favorite slogan. I would have much preferred we never said a word about the ops that killed him, and better yet, that we had taken him alive. Spiking the football afterword's foolish either way.

Qualms over Gitmo and water-boarding mean the US executes rather than catpures and I think the loss of intel contributed to yesterdays events and the CIA’s blindness the attack was coming.  When Al Zawahiri's brother Mohamed al-Zawahiri  takes out a permit for a demo in front of the Embassy in Cairo it seems like it ought to have raised some red flags.

A good column over at Obama Offends Muslims with OBL Bragging? | Conservative Byte

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Robin Edgar said...

Presumably you meant Water-boarding where you wrote "Word-boarding". You're point about the loss of intelligence due to summarily executing terrorist suspects with drone attacks, or indeed Navy SEAL raids, is well taken. I too think they should have done everything possible to take Osama bin Laden alive and, by all accounts, it seems that it might well have been possible to do exactly that.