Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wealth and the 47% » Beyond Belief

Rev Morales ponders the 47% and assumes they’re poor. 

In Illinois and Chicago though, dependency on the Government usually means wealth.  Sometimes it’s a lot of wealth.

A Chicago Teacher earns on average $75k.  They’re stakeholders in government and can be very militant about a salary they consider a right.  They have clout.  Their Unions donate heavily to both Democrats and Republicans and the Teachers expect payback.

The average income in Chicago is ~ $36k.  Not every person in this city has clout and patronage.  If you don’t your quite powerless and quite poor.

That’s how a Patron Client political system works.

Tony Rezko and others around Blagojevich, Obama, and Mayor Daley became very wealthy men.  They did it by depending on Government.  They weren’t poor by any means.

Rev Morales here: Wealth and the 47% » Beyond Belief


Robin Edgar said...

I revel in the irony of this part of President Morales' beyond belief blog post -

"I don’t even know if Romney truly believes what he said. Candidates tend to tailor their remarks to the audience."

I submitted a "less than polite" comment to the effect that President Morales would know all about *that* aspect of politics. . . He quite regularly tailors his remarks to his audience. I can't imagine that Rev. Morales *really* believes much of the questionable rhetoric that he feeds UU audiences, perhaps least of all his campaign slogan pretending that Unitarian Universalism can be "*The* Religion For Our Time". Haven't seen much progress on that front since Rev. Morales got himself elected as UUA President almost four years ago now. How about you Bill? Is Unitarian Universalism any less of "a tiny, declining, fringe religion" now than it was back in 2008 when Rev. Morales described U*Uism with those telling words in his "A Religion For Our Time" sermon which served as his "stump speech" announcing his candidacy for president of the UUA? Or would it be "true enough" to say that Unitarian Universalism is a tinier, declinier, and even fringier "fringe religion" than it was before Rev. Morales took over the proverbial helm?

Bill Baar said...

Rev Morales is a Politican.

Robin Edgar said...

No kidding. . .

Hence the irony of his words about Mitt Romney.