Thursday, October 04, 2012

Unitarian Universalism, friction, and bubbles within bubbles

I'm a long time, off-and-on UU, of a conservative bent. I've been asked how I can stand to hear some of the things said in Church, and the answers simple. I appreciate a little friction in my life. If I find myself in a room where everyone agrees, I feel something must be wrong. Polished stones only get that way with friction, and the same applies to thought and ideas. They need some friction to find form. Otherwise, as Mike Barnicle finds below, We won't do well, we won't do well.

Way too many UUs avoid friction, and when they rub against some, they're in the habit of dismissing it as beyond the pale and not worthy of engagement. A plunge into a bubble avoiding any discernment or argument.

Democrat Mike Barnicle on Morning Joe,

MIKE BARNICLE: we all know that the presidency is a bubble that existed in that bubble. we also know anecdotally from your reporting and other reporting that we read continually that there's very little interaction between this president and members of the senate or members of the house. there's very little personal interaction. there's no phone calls back and forth. we don't know really what happens when he has conversations about the legislation pending and stuff like that. but we do know from last night when mitt romney says i don't know what you're talking about, we do know the look that registered on president obama's face was, you know, who are you to be saying that to another el long as we're talking about this, and jon meacham is right, that no one has spoken to him like this for the last four years.there's another element that perhaps should be under discussion. the president had no teleprompter last night. he speaks almost all the time off of a teleprompter. forced now to stand on his feet after four years in the bubble, getting pushed back a little. he didn't do too well. he didn't do too well.

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