Friday, November 09, 2012

Controversial Cook County judge “happy to be re-elected” - Chicago Sun-Times

My final post on this blog.  I wanted to leave something on my ancestors Pfarrer Streccius but since the world’s getting every more wacky, I’ll leave it from these words from the Chicago Sun Times on the retention of Judge Brim for Cook County. 

A judge unfit for the job with the papers to prove it, but duly endorsed by the Cook County Regular Democratic Organization.  God help those who have been judged by here, and those yet to be judged by this sad and insane jurist.

All my blogging will be over at my West Side Blogger spot or some of the other less frequently updated blogs you can find on my profile.  I’m turning off comments here.

So long UUs.  Good luck.

Court records obtained by the Sun-Times reveal Brim was examined by a court-appointed psychiatrist who believes she’s “presently mentally fit with medication” but opined she was “legally insane” at the time of the reported skirmish with the sheriff’s officer.

Montgomery said those very findings indicate the case should be tossed.

Brim has a “bipolar disorder” and “at the time that this alleged offense occurred ... my client was simply not in a mental state that is sufficient for her to ever be found guilty, so we’re wasting valuable judicial time.” Montgomery told reporters.

But the case will proceed, Montgomery suggests, because Brim has not bowed to pressure to step down.

“If they’re trying to get her to resign as they apparently have been trying to do, and holding this case over her as a hostage, it will never happen because if we must try the case, we will try the case,” Montgomery said.

Asked to explain further, Montgomery said “the assistant state’s attorney has said to me on at least two court appearances, ‘Is she going to resign?’ And when I said she absolutely is not going to resign under these circumstances, she [the assistant state’s attorney] said ‘OK let’s go to trial.’ ”

Andy Conklin, a spokesman for State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, said later: “We’ve never suggested that she resign.”

Brim, 54, has been on the bench since 1994 and Tuesday’s victory means another six-year term in office.

While bar groups were giving her a thumbs-down, with one noting that attorneys questioned her “legal abilities,” the Cook County Democratic Party gave the entire slate of retention judges — that is, sitting judges up for re-election — a thumbs-up.

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle put out a robocall asking voters to support the Democratic ticket and the judges up for re-election, her campaign spokesman Scott Kastrup said on Wednesday.

Controversial Cook County judge “happy to be re-elected” - Chicago Sun-Times

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